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Gonzalo is amazing!
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Gonzalo Nunez Photography

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Pros: Professional, creative, flexible, so much fun to hang out with
Cons: Two days and it still wasn't enough time!

Honestly words cannot express how much admiration, respect and gratitude I have for this man. We hired him for the wedding day (10 hours) and TTD (4 hours including transportation time but we ended up going for 8) and brought an assistant for both. He has such a calm demeanor but is so creative and fun. Although we had a 2 hour break between the ceremony and reception, we didn't have that much time to take bridal party shots as I had to change into a second dress and make it to the other end of the resort. But he was so quick and constantly giving us new ideas and moving us around for different angles.


He blended in seamlessly and only forced us to take shots with our guests during the party because it had been too hot out earlier. He just said, grab some people and I will follow and shoot. My husband didn't like missing out on the partying but looking back now, it was really important to get shots with all the people that travelled to be with us.

He came back a few days later to pick us up for our TTD. What was supposed to be 4 hours ended up being 8. He kept getting inspiration for other shots and took all of my suggestions and requests without a complaint. He just kept going and going. We went to the Grande Cenote for our underwater shoot first. We were only supposed to shoot for 2 hours and spent almost 4 there.  It was tough for me cause I don't swim very well and my dress did not allow me to dive or stay underwater. He was so patient and he posted a picture on his Facebook that is amazing! I accidentally removed the ring off my husbands finger in the cenote and they both went diving to find it. We then went to grab some tacos at a roadside restaurant. Really good! Then he gave us a quick tour of Tulum and then we went to the beach for some more shots. We brought some Mexican wrestling masks and got some action shots and then got some beach shots. I had wanted to do a sexy one at the cenote with just my bikini bottoms on but there wasn't enough time. But after the beach I was head to toe in sand. His assistant stripped me and I was standing there in my husbands suit jacket when he got the inspiration for our last shot. Walking into the ocean topless with my dress in tow. I can't wait to see all of his pictures!

His style is photo journalistic, his prices were a fraction of others, his email communication is quick, always responsive and he was just featured in a bridal magazine and appeared on TV. My husband now says he wishes we would've had a third day with him. Serious? The one who dreaded doing two days? Book him now before his prices go up. You won't regret it! Here are the two he posted on Facebook.

525584_10150781948221667_723776666_11645185_320691022_n - Copy.jpg 528105_10150781923586667_723776666_11645106_515575524_n.jpg



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