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Zasil Studio Artistic Photography

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Mrs Marks

By Mrs Marks, · 300 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Vincent and his crew are masters at their craft
Cons: none

From the moment we met Vincent we felt like celebrities. His excitement and enthusiasm is infectious and within moments we found ourselves posing, laughing and having a blast in front of the camera. You would never know that I am camera shy! The most important piece of the wedding to us is having photographs to reflect back on. Ones that capture the essence of our love and union and that re-tell the story of our wedding event. Vincent and his Zasil Studios team went above and beyond, crouching in bushes and taking photos from rooftops to get the perfect image. We chose Zasil because we wanted our photos to be artistic, and we didn't want the typical posed shots. The Zasil team completely got it!

My guests still talk about Vincent and his team. I hear all the time how much fun he was and how he got them to step outside of their comfort zone to get creative. Above all, the re-touched shots that we received are dreamy. I invite anyone interested to look at them! I can't rave enough about my experience with Zasil. Trust me, we did our research and visited Mexico many times before we made our decision and I am 100% confident in recommending them to anyone who appreciates photography or who wants to get the photos of a lifetime. our dance.jpg



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