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Las Caletas- Most amazing wedding EVER!!
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Adventure Weddings Las Caletas

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By lvietti, · 597 Views · 0 Comments

OMG! I just want to go back!


1. I woke up early to meet my two bridesmaids, aunts, and mother at our hotel lobby. We loaded our transportation and headed over to the Nuevo Vallarta Adventures Office. Anne was there to greet us and we enjoyed a light continental breakfast. Anne walked with me to the boat and let me hang my dress and store our luggage in a safe spot before anyone else got on the boat. She also let us board the boat before anyone else so we had prime seats over to the island! The boat trip was pretty smooth, a little chilly for the morning so I wore a sweater with my outfit. They come around and offer you massages, which my bridesmaid and i took advantage of. They give you first choice so you can get the time you want since you have a long day of getting ready! :)


2.We arrived to Las Caletas and it was beautiful! Anne had a few guys on the boat help carry our stuff up to the Bridal Casita! It is a long walk up a hill so that was very very helpful! When we arrive the Casita was BEAUTIFUL!!! Champagne was there with a fruit tray, it was clean and just so cute! We hung my dress to let it air out and hung all our stuff. Then my mom and aunts went down to the beach and just swam around and relaxed. Myself and my bridesmaids hung out in the casita and had a mimosa before our 30 minute massage around 11! :) I only wanted 30 minutes so I wouldn't be too tired! The massage was a perfect "relaxation" massage which is what I needed! After the massage I headed back to the casita and just relaxed in the hammock, with my girls, and my mom.


3. Around 1 p.m. the staff brought food to us- I requested this because I requested that the hair and make up guy get there early so I could be in my dress by 4 p.m.  The food was AMAZING!! I will tell you one thing, BRIDES will EAT on this wedding day!! Ribs, Chicken, Seafood, Corn, Rice, Pasta!!! Veggies! YUM YUM YUM!!!!


4. I asked for the hair and make up guy to get there at 1:30 and he was late (which I expected based on someone elses review) He showed up around 2:20 so therefore the only downside is I wasn't in my dress when I wanted to for photos. We did not see each other before s it wasn't a huge deal, but if you are planning on seeing each other before make sure he gets there on time! I relaxed while my bridesmaids and mom had their hair and makeup done first. Neither of them brought pictures and it was AMAZING!! I was next (I had done a trial in October so I felt good about it) he WAS AMAZING!!! I did have to ask him to fix a few things and ladies, it's your wedding day SPEAK UP!!! Dennise was there by this point and helped me translate! There are towels and warm water and plenty of time/ room to shower, we had 6 people out there!


5. I stepped into my dress around 4:30/4:45 and took pictured around the casita, outside, and had Dennise bring up tequila shots. We decided to take a few so she brought the entire bottle! :) I only had two though. Next thing I knew Dennise was back telling me the boat had arrived and guests were there!!!!! Then it hit me, OMG I'm get married! She went down to deal with the guest, guys, and everyone else. Around 6:10 she came up and got me and my bridesmaids. She walks you down a secret back way and has you wait on the stairs while she starts the ceremony with everyone. I felt like I was waiting forever, she ran back up and grabbed my train and followed me down to meet my dad! MOST AMAZING MOMENT!!! :) Walking down that aisle! :) It was BEAUTIFUL!!!!


6. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that Chuy had come up earlier and went over the ceremony with me as well! Ceremony was really smooth, music was played correctly at the right time and microphones worked and sounded GREAT :)


7. After the ceremony staff was out immediately with appetizers and drinks, we of course took more pictures so I never tasted them but the guest LOVED THEM!!!


8 After pictures all our guests were seated and they announced us into the dinner reception. We sat down and then Dennise dismissed us first to the buffett. OMG BEST FOOD EVER IN MY LIFE!!!! The meat was tender and perfect, past, potatoes, anything you can think of. My guests are still talking about the food!!!! We did our fathers speeches at the beginning and our Best Man Matron of Honor at the end of dinner.


9. Right after dinner was cake cutting! The cake was delicious and they even packed up the extras and we brought it back to the hotel!


10 Then straight into the first dance, father daughter etc.... all songs were perfect and I even asked the DJ last minute to cut the father daughter a little short because it was a 5 minute song. He did and it was perfect.


11. DJ was great, he did accept a few requests and I can't remember if I told him, he went a little off my list but I just sent my husband up to remind him of our list! Otherwise it was GREAT!


12. FIRE DANCERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG WOW WOW WOW!!! YOu have to add these!!! Have to!!!! They were amazing, it was a hit with everyone and I couldn't wait for them to come out! :)


13. Boat ride home was fun, the music and drinks continued and we partied all the way back.



I give the entire wedding at 110%%%%%%%% and would go back and do the entire thing again in a heartbeat. All my flowers and everything were just like the pictures i sent and PERFECT :) :)


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