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Amazing destination wedding photography
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Cancun Studios Destination Wedding Photography

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By Dalita, · 599 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Everything about Cancun Studios is a Pro
Cons: None

Where do I begin! We had our destination wedding at the Occidental Grand Xcaret almost one year ago, April 13, 2011. We decided to hire Cancun Studios to do the photography for many reasons, one being that they were conveniently located at the hotel which meant we could speak to them when we needed to, and after seeing their portfolio it was a no brainer to go with them, and we are so thrilled we did.  From the beginning the communication between us and them was great, Jill would get back to my e-mail inquiries right away, she was such a pleasure to deal with.  Then when we got to destination we dealt with Agustin, all I can say is what a great down to earth amazing personality he has, and his entire family as well. Everything was so easy going from the beginning all the way till the end. 


The day of our wedding Agustin did a fantastic job taking pictures of our family and friends, he was so friendly and made us all laugh (even my mom whom has a hard time cracking a smile).  He was so professional but yet so laid back, he has a great gift because he knows how to capture the special moments in every single picture he takes.  He gave us many suggestions for our wedding day in terms of what he thought would work best for our pictures and we were also able to voice our opinions as well, at the end he is the professional so we left it up to him.  The entire day we did not worry about the pictures at all because we felt that he was doing a great job.


When we finally got home we received a web-link to see our pictures and when we saw them we were blown away, they looked fantastic, he captured the feeling of that day so perfect, we could not have asked for better photos.  We ended up purchasing a hard cover album as well, it took a bit long to get it but when we finally did it was so worth it, it's an amazing album worth the money and the wait.  We constantly get so many compliments on the album and on all of our wedding pictures from our family and friends, and all I can keep telling them is that it was the photographer who made those pictures look amazing.  Thank you Cancun Studios for taking amazing pictures at our wedding, they will be cherished for a lifetime.


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