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By GrandCayBride, · 886 Views · 8 Comments

Pros: Marina the wedding coordinator and Food by Hemingways
Cons: Amy the Photographer

Had our wedding here last year and can not say enough nice things about Marina the Wedding coordinator.  She is definitely the best there is.  No detail was too small for her.  She oversaw everything.  She made sure all my guests were happy and more so, my husband and I! 


The rooms are very nice and spacious.  Hemingways food was delicious.  Flowers exactly if not better than the inspiration pictures I sent.  Bartenders were wonderful to all of us. 


Pool was very nice and ocean is beautiful with floating tables......so much fun!!!!


I highly recommend the Grand Cayman Beach suites for a destination wedding!




I forgot to add.......if getting a photographer....make sure to book known photog on island.....NOT the junior associates they send!!! Our pictures were terrible......out of 900 photos that we paid over 4500 for, only 50 were useable. Amy was our photographers name.


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GrandCayBride - how many people did you have at your wedding? Was your reception on the Hemingway patio deck? Everyone raves about the food at Hemingways but we love the Sun Terrace so we're not sure where to hold our reception.


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THere were 30 of us. We had the recepiton set up on the Terrace but it rained and we had to move indoors.....Marina did an exceptional job at moving and getting everything set up again.

I recommend on the Terrace.....looked beautiful with the lights still strung up even though we were inside for a bit.....we hung out on the terrace after the rain stopped.


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Sorry, I think I'm getting a bit confused by the different venues at Grand Cayman Beach Suites because I haven't been to the hotel yet. When you say "Terrace", do you mean the deck area right outside Hemingways? Or the Sun Terrace on the rooftop of the hotel?


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Sorry........we planned on the Turtle pool just like my profile picture. It was beautiful at night. The Turtle pool is just outside of Hemingways. We had cocktails and appetizers on Hemingways patio deck while my husband and I were taking pictures. Small area. But looks right out onto the beach.

I went up on the rooftop and looked, it was big.....never saw it decorated but I am sure Marina would make it beautiful.

How many people are you having?


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The Turtle Pool does look beautiful in your pic. We'll probably have around 30, but potentially more. We're a little concerned about having privacy in the turtle pool area but maybe that's not an issue. Also, did you have dancing? Was there space to do that outside? Sorry about all the questions! Thanks for your help!


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We had a steel drum player for the ceremony and a band for the reception and yes there is room for dancing. Mainstream was the band and had everyone up and dancing...very good time!

We did not have any privacy issues.......everyone cheered from the beach and balcony when we got married (which was not invasive in any way....kinda cute!) No one bothered us during our reception......Marina does a great job! Can't express how grateful I am to her for everything she did. Over a above what I expected!


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For photographers David Wolfe and Rebecca Davidson are the two best on Grand Cayman. I'm obsessed with photography so I reviewed everyone before booking. There is basically two main firms - David Wolfe Photography and he is the creative director of Better Angle Photography (JJ and Melissa are his top photographers under him) and Picture This (Rebecca Davidson is their top, then Aaron Rebarcheck. Amy is with the same firm but doesn't compare to Rebecca).


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