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Caribbean Emotions Photography - Dominican Republic

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Jess & Olivier

By Jess & Olivier, · 157 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Professional, Amazing, One of Kind, Unique, Original
Cons: None - Best Photographer EVER

Caribbean Emotions is the best photographers EVER!. My husband had researched for 2 months straight and we were discouraged as our Hotel was charging so much money and we were not thrilled with their photography. The hotel photographer was not our style what so ever and the prices were outrageous. My husband and I both have a very traditional/religious family and we’re definitely not. So we were worried how the pictures were going to turn out and how we would work with our photographer. IT WAS AMAZING! Our families are Portuguese, Quebec French, Persian French and English – everyone was so pleased with him – even with the language barrier (on our side – not Michaels) he got everyone to smile, come out of their shell and take stunning shots – especially when the sun was directly in our face. Michael was able to coordinate everyone – we had an early wedding and he made it on time and ensured to take pictures of myself getting ready and the groom and all the ladies and all the men as well.


We took the traditional photos for our parents and then we asked Michael and Pascal (in advance) to do something different for us when trashing the dress. My husband and I are not fond of Trash the dress and get wet” photos. So we asked Michael if he would help us with our trash the dress session and to think outside the box. We all brainstormed and decided to have local Dominican children spray paint my dress and then my husband would then proceed to burn my dress. He exceeded our expectations. The photos are amazing. Michael & Pascal picked us up and drove us around to different locations in Bavaro/Punta Cana and took the coolest photos ever (I can only post so many on here). He helped us get props for the pictures (without any additional costs to us). Cold Beer, a gun, chairs, old gutten out bus, etc etc. He went above and beyond. These pictures are amazing. We get complimented on them all the time. We’ve blown so many pictures up and put them up in our house and everyone asks us who took the photos, whose idea was it. We absolutely love our pictures.


There is no better photographer. His pictures were so impressive that my girlfriend (who had not chosen a location to get married yet) had decided to do a destination wedding to Punta Cana so Michael and Pascal could take pictures of her special day. His prices are NOT comparable to any other photographer – his prices are amazing for the level of expertise. The best part is we got a beautiful (professional) CD that included 1100 pictures – with no copyright logo everywhere. Which meant we can take all the photos and print 1100 – which were all touched up by Michael – or print just 1 picture if you want. As well, we decided 2 days before leaving Punta Cana that we wanted a coffee book wedding picture album that cost $250 (I think) we we’re on a serious budget and we didn’t think it was worth it at first. IT WAS THE BEST PART – The book is leather-bound and looks like it would retail for $1000.00 that’s how good it looks. The only thing I regret is not buying one for everyone in our families.  


I would highly highly recommend Caribbean Emotions to any Bride.


Michael and Pascal are invited to stay with us anytime they come to Canada (if they ever come) they were so trusting, professional, and what a great sense of humor.


I am not a photogenic woman – but Michael made me so comfortable, relaxed (better than my maid of honor) and turned me into one of the most beautiful brides.  Thank you Michael and Pascal.














































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