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Del Sol TTD - crazy, awesome, once-in-a-lifetime experience
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Del Sol Photography

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By ChristiP, · 288 Views · 0 Comments

Pros: Creative, passionate, totally unique experience, quick turnaround with beautiful pictures!
Cons: Pricey, and I only regret that I couldn't afford to use them for our wedding photos as well

We read about Del Sol while researching destination weddings in the Riviera Maya area, and were totally infatuated by their photo galleries. To this day I can't believe that we were actually able to go through with this amazing experience that I had dreamed about for so many months!


Del Sol was a pleasure to work with from the start, beginning with Melissa (the office manager), who was very candid and friendly while we worked out the details of the shoot. Let's be honest - their photo shoots are not cheap, and there are definitely other options in the area. Del Sol was worth every penny and I would go with them again if I had to do it all over, after everything was said and done.


Matt and Sol are very passionate about what they do, which is apparent in their interactions and their end results. It rained during our entire shoot, which didn't phase them - in fact I think that they were excited by the opportunity to shoot under unique circumstances. I told Matt at the beginning that I was afraid to go under water (I'm not a swimmer), and yet somehow they convinced me in the moment and we end up with gorgeous under water photos. We planned a village shoot after the cenote, and the stark contrast between the two settings was exactly what I hoped for. You have to see the pictures - link is below.


Lastly, Matt and Sol warned us that the final pictures would take 7-10 weeks to produce. We got them back within 1 month - I love an under promise and over deliver!


I highly highly recommend working with Del Sol. Yes, they are expensive, but if you want amazing, once-in-a-lifetime photos, go with Matt and Sol.




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