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Pros: everything
Cons: none

I just arrived home from our wedding a few days ago and couldn't wait to gush about our experience with Lincoln and Alfredo.  They were prompt and professional, yet so friendly and laid back that it was like we had a few more friends down in Mexico with us.  I have only seen a few pics so far, but what I have seen have blown my expectations out of the water - amazing!  Prior to our wedding day, my husband had a tough time understanding why I wanted a professional photographer (as opposed to the ones included in the resort wedding packages), but as soon as Lincoln and Alfredo arrived, I received my first "you were right, honey" of my marriage!  There is no comparison between the service and quality that you receive from MTM, and they were worth spending the extra money.


The day after our wedding, we had a Trash The Dress shoot - something my friends tried to talk me out of as they couldn't understand why I would want to do that.  And I'm so glad that they didn't, it was tonnes of fun!!!  We had photos taken in a variety of places with all sorts of creative locations and poses (totally different than the usual wedding pics you typically see), and then we went to the beach and we got SOAKED!  In addition to the great photos that I know Lincoln snapped, my dress is nearly good as new and it hasn't even been dry cleaned yet!


I loved my wedding, and I couldn't be happier that I will have these photos to remember it forever!


Thanks Guys!


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