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Pros: professional, communicative, creative, calm, resourceful
Cons: None.

First off let me say that I am not always the best at reviews, but I will try my best to relate our experience with Destination Scout, LLC (Malisa).  

Our wedding was a week long event in Soliman Bay, Mexico, October 23-30th, and nothing went according to plan.  Weather in Mexico in October…

Sunday-Tuesday went basically according to plan.  Malisa had set up a great taco dinner for everyone on Sunday using local folks (which was awesome), Tuesday she had set up vans for us to get out to Chichen Itza…then it all changed.  Hurricane Rina was projected to come through the area and could have been as much as a category 2 storm, so the hacienda's we rented for everyone dictated that we evacuate.  

Malisa was great, she arranged for two vans, found an inexpensive hotel for everyone in the group, arranged rooms for everyone and helped us pack it al up and drive inland.  We had rented two cars (one for Malisa and one for ourselves) and if Malisa hadn't been there to help and know how to rent vans then I'm not entirely certain what we would have done since 2 cars does not move 20 people and their luggage.  Once we got to Valladolid she had an impromptu tequila tasting to help everyone blow off steam from having to be disrupted.  The next day she took a few hours and arranged a reception dinner for us (I refused to have the wedding in Valladolid), so we had dinner, drinks and dancing on a lovely balcony overlooking Valladolid's central square.

We then trucked it back to Soliman Bay, HOWEVER, it wouldn't be complete if something ELSE didn't happen.  My rental car's back driver's side wheel locked up, in the middle of Valladolid, and our phone wasn't making phone calls (one of the many little things that didn't go right that had nothing to do with Malisa).  The police in Valladolid were actually extremely nice, and Malisa started raining in folks to make phone calls to the three locations (and 8 phone numbers) for Cancun Car rental.  So we left the car and made use with the 2 vans, and single rental.  We made it back to Soliman Bay, and rearranged the whole wedding.  It went from Friday evening to Saturday morning at sunrise, she found a new hairdresser for me on short notice (the person we had booked couldn't do a sunrise ceremony), arranged the time change with Del Sol Photography (who were extremely accommodating), arranged breakfast for after the ceremony and changed the arrival time of our caterer (who was AMAZING and the only reason I had her was because of Malisa).  She took care of Charlie and Maria who were doing the ceremony, got up before dawn and trudged through the trees to cut down palm leaves for me so I could have them as part of the circle.  

She refilled drinks, arranged all sorts of things, and generally tried to make me and my husband relax (which is no mean feat I'll tell you that).  

Everything she did was above and beyond a wedding coordinator.  Given how much was changed and was waylaid she had every right to tell me that none of it was part of her job description, but she did it anyway and I cannot tell you how grateful I am.  

She will be your BEST investment.




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