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  1. Hi we're planning a wedding for Riu Palace in Costa Rica. The process is going pretty well so far but we're having trouble finding info on rates and reception venues. Does anyone have info about reserving the rooftop terrace for ceremony and reception? We're concerned about lighting for photos. Also does anyone know rates for catering, rentals, flower vendors etc? Thanks!

  2. On 1/13/2014 at 2:15 PM, ccoburn142 said:

    Hey we're planning a destination wedding at Riu Palace in Costa Rica. We were wondering if you had any information on reserving the rooftop terrace or any info on rates for catering? Thanks!

    Our wedding is in April at the Palace, and so far planning has been easy. If you have any questions I can try and help, once we get back I would be able to say more about the resort itself and the experience.


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