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  1. Hello all of my fellow 2013 brides!! My name is Janele, we will be getting married on the Celebrity Summit on embarakation day as well.. We are using a TA for the cruise itself, and a Wedding Experience for the wedding/reception. We sent out our STD in early September with all of our travel agents info on it, and also letting people know that we will be having the ceremony, and reception while the boat is still in port so non-sailing guests can come on as well. we invited 125ppl all together. So far we have about 20 people that put deposit down on cabins, but we are expecting most to be non-sailng. I want to start maing my OTT bags, but wanted to wait till we had a better idea of who is def going to sail. What is everyone giving out as favors? Anyone else using the Wedding Experience for the planning?
    Hi Janele, my name is Janelle and I'm getting married on the carnival breeze this November and I'm using the wedding experience and they have been great!
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