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  1. Like these a lot.  Any idea if a laser printer can print on that paper?


    I apologize for my delayed response!  Assuming you are asking about the metallic paper from Cards & Pockets...yes, i selected the "text weight" type of paper and recall it listing laser printing as one of the uses.  Also, on their website, there is an option to purchase a sample sheet for $1.10 with free shipping so you can try it out before purchasing a whole pack.

    I don't see your templates :(... and they are exactly what I'm looking for :(! Would you be so kind and attach them again or send me at zupochka@yahoo.com...I'll be forever greatful!


    Sorry about that!  Trying again...hope it works!  I've included two files...the boarding pass insert and the jacket cover. 


    Boarding Pass.docx



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  2. My friend just did this to me! She recently broke up with her boyfriend and asked if she could bring one of our friends instead. I said of course she could! But when she forwarded me her booking confirmation it also had her mom and aunt on it!


    I was a little thrown off that she didn't at least mention them when she asked about bringing our other friend. I contacted her right after and confirmed they are coming along for the trip and not expecting to attend the wedding. I'm ok with that!

  3. Welcome to the ladies that have joined since my last check-in!  I can't believe how fast time is flying, my planning slowed during the holidays, but I'm now back in full wedding planning mode!  LOL!  My group is up to 47 people with more saying they are going to book!  We invited 115 and planned on 50 attending, so we are almost there!


    Some of the major items I'm working on...


    1) Getting fit for alterations!  Focusing on eating better and getting in my daily workout, and to my surprise, I'm enjoying it! 


    2) Pre-cruise packets!  I will be mailing luggage tags (search "ucfjennifer luggage tag" for my DIY thread) and a brochure with travel/cruise info (created on Vistaprint) to each guest next week.


    3) Groom's attire!  My FH has changed his mind on what he wants to wear.  I'm slightly annoyed as I thought this was already decided.  We discussed a few other options that we both like, and I'm leaving the final decision up to him.    


    4) Bridal party attire!  We have finally nailed down the bridal party (we were waiting for 2 people to decide if they were coming), so it's time to finalize their attire.  Guys will have to wait until FH makes his decision.


    5) Welcome bags!  I started purchasing items for our welcome bags.  This part is so much fun!


    Well, that's it for now!  What are the rest of you working on?

  4. There are so many fun ideas on this board and I really appreciate all of the brides before me that have posted their DIY threads!  I have received so many great ideas and motivation to attempt a few of my own.  I never considered myself a very creative person, but this has been a really fun experience.  I decided on a boarding pass invite that incorporated the cover to provide additional information.  In the end, these cost me a little over $1 each (excluding postage).




    1)  8.5" x 11" white cardstock (Michael's)

    2)  8.5" x 11" silver metallic cardstock (Cards & Pockets)

    3)  Metallic mailing envelopes (Cards & Pockets)

    4)  Metallic RSVP envelopes (Cards & Pockets)





    1)  This is my boarding pass insert.  I provided the basic ceremony information and added our wedding website.  The template will print 3 inserts on each sheet of white cardstock.  I printed the back side first and then the front.




    2)  This is my RSVP card.  This template will also print 3 inserts on each sheet of white cardstock.




    3)  This is one side of the silver metallic cover that will later be folded.  I printed this side first.  Our passport save the dates said "passport to paradise" so the "ticket to paradise" was a great continuation of the theme.




    4)  And here is the other side that has our cruise itinerary and booking information.  The ink on the front side will smudge if you print right away, so I suggest waiting a bit before printing this side of the cover.




    5)  After waiting for the ink to dry, I folded the bottom of the sheet a little less than a third of the way up.  I secured the upper right corner with a glue dot.  Then I cut a diagonal line from the bottom left corner.  Insert the boarding pass and RSVP card with envelope, then fold the top portion down.




    I will post my templates in a few!!  :)

  5. 6 months from today for me! Updates since my last post...boarding pass invites are complete and going in the mail on Monday and our booked guest total is up to 35! I think the next few months will be light on the planning and pick back up after the holidays.

  6. Seven months seem like 2mrw to me. Do you feel that way as well? My dress is suppose to be here in December. I'm nervous and very excited about that at the same time. I ordered my dress in the size I am now but I want to Need alterations. So I need to start working out.
    I feel the same way! It's going to be here before we know it! As for my dress fittings, I'm also getting started on a workout schedule. I'm super short so my dress will definitely need to be hemmed, I'm just hoping to need some work done in the middle section too! Haha!
  7. Hi TuffLuv & Tantan!! It's great to see more April brides! We are at the 7 month mark! My dress came in already...2 months early! I'm working on the invitations and plan to send them by the end of Oct. My niece (age 9) is very excited to be my junior bridesmaid instead of a flower girl. My younger nephews (ages 2/3) are my Ring Security. My older nephews (ages 8/10) are very shy and I knew they wouldn't do anything on their own, so they will be Ring Security as well, escorting the little guys down. They were very excited about this idea! My sisters will be my bridesmaids and his brother/cousin are groomsmen. We are thinking of adding a third to each side, but both are unsure if they can make the trip at this point. As of today, we have a total of 35 people booked for the cruise! What is everyone else working on?

  8. Thanks all! I've decided to send everyone an invitation. Slightly different version for people that have booked (final payment reminder vs the contact information to book). I have them designed, now just have to start printing! Plan to send them out in late October.

  9. I think I'm going to make the RSVP due late Jan or early Feb. I bought my dress last Friday! It will be in by early November. I hope to lose a little weight before then! Are you sending an invite to the people that have already booked? I keep going back and forth on this. Option 1 - Send them a slightly different version of the invite when I send the rest of them in Oct. And send pre-travel brochure and luggage tags to everyone going in Mar. Option 2 - Send invites to those that haven't booked in Oct. Send pre-travel brochure and luggage tags to those booked in Jan. And send remaining out as people book. I know I'm over thinking, but wedding brain is a serious problem! Haha!

  10. Hi Ladies!  I started looking at other threads for luggage tags and immediately decided to make them.  I got a "little" ahead of myself doing them now, as I won't actually be mailing them to our guests until a month or two before our wedding.  That's OK, it's one less thing I have to do later!  They were REALLY easy and ended up costing about 38 cents per tag.



    -Advantus Proximity Badge Holders, Vertical 2-3/8 x 4-3/8, Clear, 50 per pack (purchased on Amazon)

    -Bluecell 6 Inch Plastic Luggage Loops, Clear, 100 per pack (purchased on Amazon)

    -Avery White Two-Side Printable Clean Edge Business Cards, 200 per pack (purchased at Staples)





    1) Design the front and back of the luggage tag in PowerPoint.


    2) Download the business card template (Word format) from the Avery website.  Paste the image for the front of the tag on one full sheet of the template.  Then paste the image for the back of the tag on a second full sheet.


    3) Print the front image on one side of the business card sheet and then flip over and print the back image.


    Front of sheet



    Back of sheet



    4) Fold the sheets along the lines to separate the sheets into individual cards.  This was my favorite part as no cutting was required, they separate on their own.  Quick and easy!


    5) Insert the business card into the badge holder and attach the loop.  Luggage tag complete!



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  11. Hi Megs!! Your wedding is 2 weeks before mine! I know exactly how you feel, excited and overwhelmed at the same time! We've invited our friends & family on a weekend cruise on the Carnival Victory and will be having the wedding while our ship is docked in Cozumel. We sent the save the dates in April/May and so far we have 30 people (13 cabins) booked, including us! What is everyone working on now? I'm going to start dress shopping in a couple of weeks. I'm also going to start designing the invitations (boarding passes). I'll be making one version for guests that have not booked and then a scaled-down version for those that already booked. For those sending invitations, when are you sending them? I was thinking 4-5 months out, but the holidays are in the way! So now I'm thinking early Nov so I don't get lost in the holiday shuffle and it gives them time to save & book.

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