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    Originally Posted by Toiinlove View Post

    I love your dress. Can you tell who made it?







    It was made by Allure Bridals.  I fell in love with it after searching for weeks for a dress! The shop I found it at wanted over $1000 for it but I called around to different Bridal shops and found the exact same dress for $500!!    The dress felt perfect on the day really sexy and comfy and I always get so many compliments on it! Good luck! cheer2.gif

  2. We actually didnt plan anything or set anything in stone until the night we arrived at Dreams.  I know that may seem like a scary thought to most brides but trust me the Dreams staff will make sure EVERYTHING you want runs perfectly!!! Our wedding day was PERFECT i couldnt have asked for mroe

    Originally Posted by rudebaga View Post

    Hello Ladies,


    I posted a couple questions a few weeks back, but never got any responses, so I'm trying again...


    Wondering when you guys started hearing back from your WC to start putting together your wedding package.  Our wedding is 7 weeks from yesterday.  Our date was set and our contract drawn up for the Ultimate Pkg back in March/April...will I be hearing from them soon about flower selections, booking the photographer (want to make sure I get Juan Navarro! His pics look amazing!), appointing an officiant, etc...???


    Also, I had read a while back on the Dreams website that they were working on providing a web address that friends/family that couldn't make it to Mexico to attend your wedding could go to to watch a live feed of the wedding online.  Anyone know if this is true or has been able to utilize this for your wedding?


    Thanks ladies!

    Debbie  :)

  3. Tina........ Lucky for me the weather wasnt too hot the day of our wedding. Plus there was a nice breeze coming from the ocean since we were right on the beach!  My hair actually help up until after the photographer was done with his shots, which is all i really cared about anyway :)



    I found my hair flower from Claires actually! I was at the mall like 2 days before we left for Cancun and there it was!




    I'm glad I can help you ladies out in anyway with inspirations :) Its always helpful to see hair styles on a real bride in the middle of the tropics than a model!   cheesy.gif

  4. Ladies there is no way Claudia can tell you you cant bring in your own photographer. #1 this photographer is technically a paying guest at the resort, they just "coincidentally" have a really really good camera and will be taking pictures of you guys!   I say dont even mention the word Photographer to Claudia just let her know that you will not be needing the photo part of your package your GUEST will be taking the pictures!



    Originally Posted by briannarae23 View Post


    Mrs Timpone - i love your hair! I also have extensions - did the salon do them??  I wanted to wear them so badly but was worried the salon wouldn't do a good job styling them, or the wind would be so bad that they would just blow all around and get in the way.


    i never even considered doing a beach wedding at dreams!  But the setup and colors you have are BEAUTIFUL  i am thinking of doing the same colors in chair sashes.  did you bring them yourself?


    Thank you :)   Yes the salon did my hair with the extension in. I was also scared but the girls knew exactly what they were doing and it turned out great. My hair held up with the wind and o man it was WINDY!!!  But my hair managed to stay in one piece


    I lvoe the beach wedding idea most Brides at Dreams go with the Gazebo but I thought to myself if im gonna be a "beach bride" I am going full in and doing it on the beach!!  I will suggest to any beach Dreams bride not to have their reception on the beach tho!   Have it on the terrace, thats where we had ours and it was perfect!!




    Originally Posted by JanineA View Post


    I have been struggling with this and I leave in 6 days!!! I would like a veil for pics but that is really it. I don't want to walk down the aisle with one and I don't feel like wasting money on a veil just for pics....those suckers are expensive!!


    I felt the exact same way!  Thats why I went on EBAY and paid on $20 for my veil  cheesy.gif    Look into it!



    Originally Posted by tiffanyan02 View Post


    mrs. timpone-

    I LOVE your hair and flower! Now that I know the salon did your hair and that you have extensions...I am dying to know.... Did the hotel do your flowers and hair flower? Did you ask for something specific?? I am a May bride and I'm finally just getting some things worked out cheesy.gif


    Thank you :)


    My flowers were silk flowers from sharonnagassar.com They came out beautiful I loved them.   And funny enough my hair flower came from Claires!  I searched and searched for months for the perfect hair flower then one day 2 days before we left for Cancun I was in the mall and stopped by a Claire's store and Voila! Found it. smile29.gif



    Originally Posted by clgriffi7 View Post


    mrs.timpone - you made a gorgeous bride!  I agree that your hair was perfect - as was your dress, jewelry, and hair flower :-)  Congratulations!

    Thank you :)    The salon at dreams did an amazing job much better than I expected! I was pretty nervous as you can imagine but they did awesome!




    Originally Posted by briannarae23 View Post


    Hi everyone!! I am a  (future) dreams cancun bride!! we are getting married on april 28, 2011.  Just getting started in the wedding process and there is so much good information on here!! we are definately on a tight budget; my most important details are PICTURES and FLOWERS.  I am bringing the chair bows and flower petals for the aisle and  I am thinking of getting my flowers from wedideas - anyone ever used them?  she gave me a great quote on the bouquet inspiration pic i sent her.





     We are bringing a photog from  home (my only splurge of the entire wedding) - but i figure pictures are the only thing i will have left when its all over (that and my flowers loL)

    I am having around 30 guests - has anyone not had a reception??  I think the theme i am going with here is laid back - and i really can't see spending 2000$ on basically food.  Have you ever heard of anyone just doing the ceremony (at the gazebo), having a toast, and cake (bring cake boxes so they can take it back with them) right after the ceremony, doing group pictures, then telling everyone to go eat and meet us back at one of the bars a few hours later?  we would go take pics and then eat with our bridal party at one of the restaurants?  i dunno - as i said i am just having a really hard time justifying buying one of the wedding packages for 2K - just so everyone can have dinner.



    Brianna, In my opinion, not having a reception would be a huge mistake!! Our reception was the highlight of our night!   If you would like to cut corners I would think about maybe opting for no cocktail hour and trading the cost for the extra guest at the wedding. That is what we did, we traded the cocktail hour for 10 extra guest (we had 40 total)  Claudia allowed us to trade the cocktail hour for the extra guest and saved us around $900.  Instead of the cocktail hour all of our guest hung out at one of the bars while we took our pictures and they were all fine with that.  But I agree your guest have travelled so far and spent $$ the reception is sort of a thank you to them. Plus who wouldnt want to party and dance the night away with all your closest and most loved friends!! thats the reason we chose a destination wedding right?! :) 




    Originally Posted by chipotle99 View Post


    mrs. Timpone,

    I LOVE your HAIR!!!!! Are those extensions??? Please do share, I would kill to have that hair on my wedding day, thinking about Jessica Simpson extensions...


    Yessss girl I bought me some hair! haha I knew the look i wanted and I knew I wasnt going to get it with my hair so I purchased some clip in extensions and I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out! Plus not I have the clip ins for future events ( i use them all the time now!)


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