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  1. I agree with Tammy. Most of us wedding photographers love doing TTD photoshoots because they free us up to be as creative as we want. I'm not sure why your primary photographer wouldn't be interested. And if they don't include one in your wedding package, they may give you a good discount on one especially if they are flying in just for your wedding.


    I think Del Sol and Daniel Aguilar produce some really consistent TTD work I really love the cenote TTD's each of them have done. I'm going to be there in Playa del Carmen in April and am looking for couples who want to go to one one the cenotes for some pictures. So if you'd like to get on the list, email me!


    Best of luck!



  2. Hi Everyone,

    I thought I'd chime in here and give my perspective. I too am am a professional wedding photographer and I'm based in LA. We travel all over the world photographing weddings and I photographed several in the Cancun/ Puerto Morales area this year. There is really no such thing as one price fits all when it comes to photography, so we almost always customize a package based on what our clients desire. It's rare to find that two couples want exactly the same items, time, prints etc. so we give quotes on an individual basis.


    But to hear that the "top photographers" will never negotiate surprises me. For instance, I may not negotiate my creative fee much, but I've done things in the past like throw in a Trash-The -Dress photoshoot or even waive my airfare to get down there if I wanted the job! And I think this is a testament to those of us that love what we do. Local vendors work differently that flying in your photographer. Locals are almost always going to be less expensive especially since it's one day for them to photograph your wedding and often 3-4 days for the photographer you are flying in. But what I always remind my clients is photography is the most important vendor you will have. They are the only vendor that will be by your side your entire wedding day, so you should not only like their work, but also click with them. After all, the pictures will be all you will have to remember your wedding by, and I truly believe you get what you pay for when it comes to photography.


    When researching your photographers, you will most likely find pricing to be all over the place. Some charge by the hour, some charge by the package, some include an album and perhaps CD, some do not. Those who charge more are often basing that rate on their experience, level of professionalism...(like returning phone calls and emails within 24 hours), quality of products sold and their level of artistry. And hopefully they have a great written Guarantee! I recommend not paying in full before the wedding date, and I also recommend asking the photographer what their guarantee is. So many couples don't even think to ask this and IMO, it's the most important question to ask. What happens if their gear fails during the wedding, they are late or you just don't like your pictures? I've heard horror stories over the years, so ladies please if you do nothing else, ask that one question.


    We all want a "great deal". I'm shopping online right now for one of my wife's Christmas presents looking for one! But 50% off your wedding photographer isn't a deal it's a red flag! I do like the free shipping though! wink.gif





  3. I wanted to throw in my 2¢ on the subject of seeing each other beforehand from a photographers perspective. First, let me say that for many years I always leaned towards the more traditional approach where the bride and groom first see each other as she walks down the aisle. ( I did this at my own wedding.)


    However, in recent years, I have really changed my whole philosophy on this for selfish reasons! Being selfish in this case is a good thing for my couples because it means I want more time to get the pictures I'm known for capturing on wedding day. The really cool creative pictures!


    I tell my couples that the choice is entirely up to them, but if they choose to see each other beforehand, then we stage a private "reveal or first look" area to document them seeing one another for the first time. It is always a sweet experience and often times it's more emotional because there aren't 200 people staring at them! I've yet to see a groom who didn't love seeing his beautiful bride beforehand privately and vice versa. And trust me when I say that it's just as emotional when you see each other again in front of your guests. You get to feel those emotions twice in the same day. And it just add's another chapter to the wedding album that tells the story of the day.


    After the Reveal, we usually go right into photographing the families and bridal party pictures. All this before the ceremony. What this does is allow us a couple extra hours on wedding day to capture beautiful photos that we otherwise would be very pressed for time to get.


    After the ceremony, we take the bride and groom out alone for 20-30 minutes and finish with the "money shots". Instead of trying to rush through both sides of the family portraits, bridal party pics and pictures of bride and groom alone all during the cocktail hour, we encourage our couples to think "untraditionally" and enjoy the last half of their cocktail hour mingling with their guests.


    It all comes down to deciding what your priorities are on your wedding day. And every couple is different. But if photography is a priority, then you just can't go wrong with seeing one another before the ceremony.

  4. Hello Brides,


    We just wanted to announce that we have the pleasure of photographing several upcoming weddings this year at the Azul Sensatori. We are offering an unbelievable promotion during the days that we will already be down there. No travel fees and a free trash the dress session ( or day after portrait session)


    So if your wedding is around these dates, please send us an email and we'll take great care of you!


    Here are the dates:

    April 16-21 2010

    May 5-10 2010

    May 27-31 2010


    We'd like to extend a huge thanks to Amy (kittenheart) for continuing to promote us and we are really looking forward to photographing her wedding!

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