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  1. I actually had a chance to look at your review when it was first posted. There are definitly some sections missing. Brides to be come to this website to get honest reviews from brides who have already been married. How disappointing that BDW would edit what you have to say about vendors/ resort specifics just because it is not a vendor they are associated with. It makes me second guess the reviews that I have read. Be careful what you read girls!

  2. I still have these items for sale. Would LOVE to get rid of everything :) :) :)



    10 rod iron candle holders with surrounding small vases. Originally purchased for $19.99 each. (1 small vase is broken).VERY CUTE






    100 square candle holders. Originally purchased for $1 each. They still have candles in them, wax easily removed by putting them in the freezer. MAKE ME AN OFFER :)





    Brown reserved signs for







    V cake topper

    Purchased for $10 Make me an offer!!!





    email: root.erica@gmail.com


  3. Sorry I did not even mention the price!!! For the centerpieces I am asking $9per centerpiece. They were originally $19.99 each. One of the vases in the centerpiece broke but it easily replaceable. Also the centerpieces are very light for being rod iron! I have all of the original boxes and packaging. If you do not like this price MAKE ME AN OFFER.


    Also for the cake cutter I am taking the best offer.


    Thanks ladies!



  4. It's been forever since I posted here...I ended up not even being a destination wedding bride. Our wedding was here at home, and could not have been more perfect!! BUT now I am trying to get rid of some of my things.


    I am selling 10 rod iron centerpieces. It is hard to describe them but basically they are a candle holder with vases surrounding it. I don't even remember how to post pictures here but please email me if you are at all interested! I am located in MN.


    I also have a cake cutter from Bombay Co. (they are closed and the cake cutter is discontinued) I was a total bridezilla and payed $200+ for it. I needed it !!bunny_4.gif I am still debating whether or not I want to sell it but if I get a good offer I may just let it go.


    <a href="http://s332.photobucket.com/albums/m344/ericaandsy/?action=view&current=cutter-1.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i332.photobucket.com/albums/m344/ericaandsy/cutter-1.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>


    If you are at all interested in anything please email me instead of posting here! I do not ever check this site. I can also email you pictures incase they did not show up in this post.


    email : root.erica@gmail.com


    Thanks and best of luck in all of your wedding plans!smile03.gif


    Click the image to open in full size.

  5. I bought these paper signs from a girl on the knot, and have decided not to use them.

    They were originally bought for $3.50 each and made by Christina Molina JayCee Productions - Event Design


    (by the way check her out she makes awesome custom wedding items!)


    I bought these all for $12 and will sell for $5 plus shipping

    It's hard to see in the picture...the signs are black damask print with dark brown ribbon..very pretty!

    The following signs included are:


    Reserved for Mother of the bride

    Reserved for Father of the bride

    Reserved for Grandmother of the bride

    Reserved for grandmother of the groom

    Reserved for Father of the groom

    Reserved for Mother of the groom

    Reserved for Grandmother of the groom


    Click the image to open in full size.


    Please email me at root.erica@gmail.com



  6. So even though we are no longer having a destionation wedding (which by the way I'm getting over and feeling better about!) I still thought I would post a few of our e pics for all of you picture whores out there!! bunny_4.gif

    Our photog even included one of our furbaby Bella..she thought that she would show off her cute shark bite! Enjoy!!


    Click the image to open in full size.

    Click the image to open in full size.

    Click the image to open in full size.

    Click the image to open in full size.

    Click the image to open in full size.

  7. So I am trying to figure out how to make pomanders for our reception. I am trying to make them myself because I was quoted $50/pomander for silk!!!! I have seen videos on how to make them with real flowers but wasnt sure if it was the same with silk? ..does anyone know?? I know when making them with real flowers you have to soak the flower foam so that the flowers are hydrated and so that they are easier to poke through the foam. Apparently I'm not the greatest DIY Bride...help anyonehuh.gif??

  8. I am totally hooked to this trash!! The last episode I saw Slade asked her to meet him and he set up a picnic and told Jo that he still had feelings and OF COURSE the episode ended when we were all waiting to hear her response...have they shown the next episode yethuh.gif

  9. I just found this song and for sure am dancing to this with my Dad. I'm totally in tears after just hearing it

    It's called "You Don't Have to Let Go" by Jessica Simpson...cheesy I know!! BUT the words are AMAZING

    Here they are...

    You Don't Have To Let Go"


    I don't need your strength anymore

    cause you've made me strong

    You may not see the woman in me

    That you dreamed of

    Holding me in your arms


    All the days that you gave

    All the moments you've saved me,

    Praying for my life

    Sacrificed, just to make me who I am on my own

    You don't have to let go


    You don't say it

    But it's in your eyes

    All the fears of good-bye

    But I can promise

    You'll always have a place, and a way to my heart


    All the days that you gave

    All the moments you've saved me,

    Praying for my life

    Sacrificed, just to make me who I am on my own

    You don't have to let go


    I can live

    Cause you lived for me

    And I can love

    Because you loved me.


    All the days that you gave

    All the moments you've saved me,

    Praying for my life

    Sacrificed, just to make me who I am on my own

    You don't have to let go


    (Ooh ooh ooh)

    You don't have to let go

  10. I'm nervous posting this, because my situation/question has to do with Religion. I know that this is a topic that many people don't prefer to discuss with others. I am in NO WAY trying to offend anyone by posting this! And if this is not allowed, Mods feel free to erase my post. BUT I have a question regarding having our catholic ceremony at our resort.


    Here is my situation. I am catholic and have never been married before.

    My FI however is Buddhist, and has been divorced for 5 years. He was previously married in a Catholic church.


    My Mom insists that if we were to marry in a Catholic church, that my FI needs to have his previous marriage ANNULHED by the Catholic Church. AND that we would need to meet with the priest who marries us to discuss the situation. I have contacted a few people from my parents church, and I have not heard back yet.


    So I wonder how the heck am I going to pull that offhuh.gif I figure we will not find out who our priest is for our ceremony until we arrive at our resort. AND I'm sure he/she will be busy with other ceremonies!! I am just frustrated that this situation has become complicated! I contacted my WC weeks ago to see if we could get the contact information for who is going to do our ceremony, and my question was ignorored.


    Has anyone here been in this type of situationhuh.gif?

    Thank you for listening!

  11. My dearest (NOT!) TA,

    Where the F*** have you been? I feel like I have to constantly be on your ass to get back to me. I understand that my wedding is over a year away, BUT STILL this is your JOB! I understand that I am not your only client, but an email takes 2 minutes!! I got a hold of you over a month ago to see if you had gotten ahold of group reservations. You said you would call them to see what the hold up was...haven't heard from you yet! I also sent you an email regarding what to put for a rsvp date..that was 2 weeks ago...NO RESPONSE. YES I understand that my resort is not open yet, but still would it kill you to email me back to say "No word from them yet"?? You are turning me into bridezilla!


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