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  1. You seem to adore Marco and have been so thrilled to have him as your officiant. Yes the ceremony is the shortest part of the evening, but it also the most special! Based on your feelings, I think you should 100% stick with Marco @ 6:30.


    As for the ending at 10:30 instead of 11pm, I say stick with the attitude nope not happening. My suggestion, throw a fit with the Hilton in an attempt to have them give you a waiver to have music that one night until 11pm. This is after all THEIR fault, and you and Marco both have emails to prove that. And extending their own music cut-off rule for one evening well that is something that is well within the Hilton's ability to do. Forget your current WC, go directly to the director of catering with your emails (andMarcos too if he's up for sharing them with you) and plead your case. That's my 2 cents.


    GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Brandon! Welcome and good luck! I agree with the earlier post that mabe a great first move would be contacting one of the travel agents to see who has the dates available for you. 'Cause when we looked to book in August for the spring (which we thought was way early) many places had no dates for us, ugh!! I'm sure they'll be great places avilable for you to choose from, but thinking someone pointing you in that direction may be a great first step!

  3. Hi girls! A few days ago I was on the forum and someone shared a link to print-at-home favor tags & invites that they bought at Target. I thought I saved the link on my computer as a favorite but sadly it is not here. smile35.gif


    And I just looked thru and searched BDW and cannot find the post anywhere. I remember it had a not-so-easy-to-find name, bu I cannot remember what it is for the life of me.


    If anyone knows of this post, or has the link the website that gave the templates that are associated with these guys, I'd love it if you could write me. Thanks sooo much girls!!



  4. I know, it is CRAZY how far in advance these hotels get booked! Are you planning on getting married on the beach or on a covered terrace? If you are planning on the beach, I just wonder if at 1pm it'll be too hot and uncomfortable for your guests to sit thru the ceremony?




  5. Thanks girls! Yeah, I just thought the book would be a fun & cute unique thing for the guests to do on the beach or while lounging by the poool. And for those wo get into it, the crosswaord puzzle can be a way for guests to get to know one another. If onyl I could figure out the right way to set this darn thing up so the book is seen by people other than just you girls!!!


    I know so many girls use Photoshop anf print the passports double sided. The file looks like a mish-mosh order, but it prints perfectly. I just wish I knew how they did it!!!!



  6. Do you think maybe your FI could talk to his mom? Maybe she has no idea about the timing complications and perhaps if he opened her eyes to that she'd be able to fix the situation?


    Not knowing any of you guys but always being one to give the benefit of the doubt, I'm thinking that maybe your FMIL did this to be a postivie treat and has no idea that in actually it is really more of a logistical nightmare than anything. Maybe him talking to her could help?

  7. That is sooo sweet of your FMIL!!! But I defintiely see your scheduling issues!!! And my goodness you had it all worked out, so I feel your pain with the sudden change of events!


    Who was paying for the hair/make-up before this? If there is any money remaining in the budget from that, maybe there is a way to supplement the 2 NY hair & make up people with maybe a person from the hotel spa? The 2 NY people will still do the bulk, but maybe adding one person from the hotel spa will enable everyone to start at 1 or noon instead of at 8:30? Just an idea!


    Good luck!



  8. I am TOTALLY inspired by all you Do It Yourself-ers on this site. You girls make the most beautiful things and you make them all look so easy to do! PLEASE HELP!!!


    Inspired to try DIY myself, I decided to do a custom puzzle book to put in the OOT bags. I found websites online to make FREE personalized puzzles:


    Free Custom Word Search- Free Printable Word Search Puzzles

    Free Custom Crossword- EclipseCrossword - the fast, easy, and FREE way to create crossword puzzles in minutes

    And then you cannot customize, but free soduko puzzles- Print Free Sudoku Puzzles


    And then I made as cute a booklet in MS Word as I could (it's a work in prgoress for sure). BUT I cannot figure out how to set up the document to print correctly. I want it to prit in order, double-sided. I have Word, Publisher, Power Point, etc... but in none of these programs can I seem to get my document set up in the right order to print double sided. Any ideashuh.gif


    I'm posting my MS Word document in case any of you would like it or could please, pretty please help me!







    Poolside Puzzle Booklet.doc

  9. Hi! I've been both St. Martin & Jamaice and they are both great!


    St. Martin: I was there again this past winter. I absolutely love the Eurpoean influence on the Franch side of the island. To me, when I'm there it feels more like a fabulous European escape than a great Craibbean Island. And it's such a short, easy flight from NY, I love that!!! Great restaurants, easy to get to casinos for night activites, tons of watersports and gorgeous beaches. In terms of hotels, La Samana is gorgeous! It's hard to describe how stunning that place is!! It is expensive. The Westin has a gorgeous pool, but the lobby is a bit strange being below-ground on the garage level. That always struck me as kinda bizarre. And the beach gets very windy. But the pool and spa are very nice.


    Jamaica: the people could not possibly be any nicer. We felt so warm & welcome there, which really surprised us given the islands past reputation. We stayed at the Ritz Carlton which was gorgeous!! Warm, cozy atmosphere, gorgeous pool. The beach is kinda rocky and tiny, so it's more of a pool hotel than a beach hotel. BUT they do have a private beach on premise to got married on which is so b/c it's so secluded. A friend of a friend of a friend got married there 2 years ago and I hear it was a phenominal wedding! Still hearing about it to this day I don't know anything about other hotels there, sorry!


    Sounds like you have two amazing places to choose from and you cannot go wrong. GOOD LUCK!!!!




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