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  1. Amysman...Thanks for the kind words....Jessica Waiteis your girl....She was my favorite vendor!!!Sweet, gorgeous, and very talented! I hope you can still book her...she's extemely busy...Here's her phone #808 283 7837

    or her email address:


    If you get her, say Hi!!!


  2. Thanks everyone!!..I just got my pictures on disk...and picked my favorites and made a music picture video! Wow...takes me right back! Man, do I MISS IT THERE SO BAD!

    Best wishes to the upcoming brides! ENJOY every moment!


  3. Thanks for the comments....I was nervous about letting you all see the raw footage...


    Enjoy your weddings...It is sooo amazing when they are destination! I can't even tell you in words how wonderful your day will be!


  4. Oh my goodness....I can't tell you how much I loved Maui! Especially the day of my wedding!

    It started off as a gorgeous day..unusually hot for that time of day.....I was up at 5:30am....Hairdresser and Makeup artist coming at 6:30am....being Maui'd at 8:30am.....WHY you ask....because Makena Cove is the most beautiful and POPULAR beach in Maui for weddings....there was 2 other weddings already underway when H2B and Rev. got there!!!!!!wtf.gif just kiddin' they had to get up just as early as me...and we are wedding twins!

    Girls this is the most amazing beach in the world!!! SO many picture options!

    (Black lava rock, brown suger sand, palm trees, turquiose blue water and adorable cement stairs just touching the sand! All in a small enclosed area!

    We went back twice just to sit and watch the turtles and waves crashing in...

    I will post all my pictures....please note, I'm not the most photogenic bride....some will actually make you laugh....(soooo terrible!)smile116.gif


    The wedding pictures are all at Makena Cove...no stairs pictures cause the other weddings were using them...boo hoo

    Some where on Po'olenalena Beach as well.

    The link is:

    PrintRoom.com: Gallery Login


    PrintRoom.com: Gallery Login

    password seawatch


    Luv BB5

  5. Oh my gosh....TOMMOROW we head out! Flowers ordered, rings shined up, wedding dress altered, money converted( from Canada), manicure done..CAN'T STAND MY EXCITEMENT!!!smile159.gif

    I just wanted to say thanks to all the Maui brides for your help!

    I will be posting our picture in October!


    Oh, in all this excitement...

    WHAT SHOULD I NOT FORGET..huh.gif??!!!!!!


  6. Hey Sherrie... Have you received a quote for your flowers and picked the company your going to usehuh.gif

    Weird, I've emailed 3 different venues, and not a word....some more than a month agohuh.gif? Is this normalhuh.gif

    I'm going to take this to the forum, cause I'm off topic, but I thought I would ask ya...

    Thanks and I hope the invites are out...don't forget the car...


  7. Sherry

    So glad that you got Jessica....!

    Thanks for the web address to HVM.. I actually received their DVD in the mail....it is incredible! (I'm on dial up so watching a video on the web is PAINFUL!!!)

    To update you, I booked my rental car...what a fee-ask-o....spell...hahahha

    I went through Costco finally and received a very, very good deal! ( on a full size...going all out baby!!!smile123.gif)hahahah


    I've left a few requests for price quotes on the flowers, so hopefully I will hear something good soon, as good, I mean, CHEAP...ya right, this is Maui!


    Anyway, it really is starting to get close isn't it.... Up to this point I've been feeling very organized...now, I'm not so sure...weird, huh...I know one thing for sure, I would love to have more money!!! My budget is going out the window...

    Anyway, thanks for letting me vent...smile116.gifBB5

  8. Sherrie...Don't mention it! I know how it feels to discover info from another bride and be very grateful...So glad that you got Dan...did you talk to him...isn't he great!!!! Very kind...Oh for your info, he is not gay! He used to be a pro football player....I learned that from a fellow bride, she loved him so much that she wanted too set him up with her home town hairdresser, assuming they are all gay...hahah.

    Jessica works with Dan all the time, so if you booked him, she's more than likely available! So DOESN'T answer you right away...but I think she writes the date down and then gets back to you later..


    I see that we are a couple of weeks apart in our wedding dates....What do you have left to dohuh.gif

    I have flowers, cake and videographer...oh and a rental car....So I better get a move on!

    Talk to you soon...


  9. Congrads and welcome...I too, am a morning bride...8:30am to be exact...UGH....Anyway, we are have our reception at a Luau...which one are you using? We are going to the Feast of Lele...you are all at private tables and served and its on the beach, its formal and has fantastic food and drink...

    Again welcome...BB5

  10. Hi girls

    The make up artist that I have is Jessica Waite....everyone who has had her speaks very highly of her work, and the hairdresser that I have is Dan Sanchez....too be honest with you, I don't know anyone who hasn't used them! They are sooo good that you have to book way in advance!

    Just thought you would like too know, as I have researched this topic for almost 1 year!!!!

    Best Wishes


  11. Sherry...LOVED the novel...heck you are getting me all fired up again!!


    I love the sounds of your dress...I'm a little worried about mine...its satin and quite heavy....having said that...our wedding is at 8:30am....Can you imagine...!!! (Apparently the water looks amazing at this time of day and the beach is VERY popular...My make up artist will have her work cut out for her...heck, I can barley look good by noon....hahahha)


    We are having the wedding celebration as an all day thing....so I have a beautiful white silk dress that I will change into after our brunch at the Seawatch....to wear to the Luau at Feast of Lele....and here's another thing,.; I actually have another dress for the 'trash the dress' pics...GOT to love ebay!!!!!!


    As far as an officiant...we have one tentitively booked, but I'm leaning towards having the guy you have...I want to have a Hawaiian!


    Chiquita No dance floor for us, we are only there for brunch...well, then again it depends how many pina coloda's we have...hahahahshots.gif

    Wouldn't that be cute....

    Anyways girls...keep in touch..


  12. Hey Sherrie...It HAS been a while....I see that your wedding is just a wee bit after mine...Where are you tying the knot.?..

    We just had my future parents in law come back from there,...I quess the Seawatch rest. was amazing...and they said Maui is THE most gorgeous place they've been too, and they've been around!


    Because we are 'eloping' (some people know) I didn't have a wedding planner.

    I do have Sean Michael Hower for my photographer, and I plan to pick my flowers there....stupid.gif Same with the cake...muscle.gif

    Have you got your dress....Sorry(nosy) its been awhile, and I forgot how much I miss talking to fellow brides!!

    Congrads, by the way!!smile03.gif


  13. The Seawatch restaurant is known for its amazing views, beautiful grounds and privacy!!! I've heard mixed revues on the food, because I guess there are some very incredible restaurants on the island...(I've been reading "Maui Revealed"...a must have, by the way:...the Seawatch it's not rated as a top notch rest. as far as the food goes....)


    Having said that, I still booked this venue for our wedding brunch, I mean, how bad can it be, when 90% of all bride go here for their weddings...I think that ambiance really sets the tone! I would think the food would have to be really bad, to ruin the day, and I've honesty not heard anything along that line. The worst review that I've heard, is that it was so-so...not enough to change my mind...

    Hope this helps...



    I've shopped my booty off to find the perfect dresses for my girls, so excited to FINALLY find them....soft baby pink and soft baby mint....made from silk with halter neck lines and lots of flowing layers on skirt....dreamy really....NOW HERE'S THE NIGHTMARE.....I've been waiting a 3 weeks and 4 days for the damn things to show.....rant.gifrant.gif and, sigh, they still haven't.....


    So Sorry about this rant.....stupid.gif...I just had to tell someone who might understand how stressed I am!!! I don't want my money back...I just want my dresses!!!! I mean, how long does it take....(I'm in Canada, and the dresses were in the States...

    Anyways, thanks ladies, I think I feel a tad better....Whew, breathe....smile105.gif


  15. Hey Chiquita.....that's cool...Our wedding is in Sept. 23...not that far ahead of yours....I fill you in how everything goes.....good or bad...

    I don't have a wedding planner...just all the girls at "the knot".


    We are eloping with our girls, 15, 12, and 4! We are going 'all out'...I have two dresses, one for the wedding, full length, spaghetti straps, beaded bodice, short train....then for the Luau at Lele, I'm changing into a tea length, chiffon, airy, sexy beaded dress...My colors are pink and soft green...What about youhuh.gif

    Wow, and your from BC too....wouldn't THIS be a nice time to go...Snow everywhere...I'm near Prince George...UGH!


    Who's your WP? Bigger wedding? Give me the low down...I would love to hear more... We have Sean Michael Hower for our photographer....he's personality actually comes though in his emails..he was recommended by a fellow Maui bride, Aimie.

    Anyway, I have to go to work for a few hours, I can't wait to hear about your wedding....

    Oh, we are getting married on the beach, Makena Cove...LOVE IT!

    Talk later,


  16. We are going to the Luau at Lele...we thought it would be a very 'island' thing to do...and why not leave the entertainment to someone else...fine food and the drinks are complimentary!!! BONUS!!! By the time it's over, everyone is spent....and still lots of time to do the 'horizontal hula' .....hahahah!!!

    We have a morning wedding, brunch at the Seawatch, but the evening wasn't filled...thus the luau..

    Best Wishes...


  17. Wow...I'm overwelmed!!

    Thanks girls....

    Hey Dougsgirl If you decide on Maui...I can tell you soooo much...I've researched a Million sites....I'm not joking....hahahah......I'm obsessed to have the most romantic small wedding ever....well, all least for us...tee hee

    So let me know cause if I don't know what to tell you, I know were to send ya!

    BeachBrideMa Awesome picture....cute couple!

    Thanks again to everyone....I officially feel welcome!


  18. Thanks for the welcome everyone!!!!

    Chiquita....amazing guess....I'm from the PG area....our snow is gone due to the warm weather from south...thanks for sending it my way! My sister is in Burnaby too.

    This is the most awesome site...you girls are the sweetest going! I love to be involved in this site....



    Sorry I can't remember who said it but she said it best when she said that just when you think things are planned...someone else suggests something and its back to the drawing board...

    Heres to the insanity!!!!smile105.gif


  19. Hi and thanks for the great welcome...especially my fellow BC'ains!!cheer2.gif


    I wonder why we ever thought of a destination wedding....ahahha. We have 6 cms of the white stuff...and I dream of ocean breezes often. Although, it is beautiful in the summer....


    I'll be checking out all your bios..

    Thanks again


  20. Hi everyone!

    How exciting planning a destination wedding!!!!....I've done sooo much research that I'm quite confident in all my decisions!

    I've booked my Photographer, Makeup artists, Hair stylist, Commisioner, and Restaurant for our brunch.


    We are eloping in Maui, its our 2nd marriage for both or us. We decided that we wanted our girls to be part of this special day, making them a very big part of it. So it is only going to be the 5 of us.

    blah.gif Anyways....we are planning the day to be next September. I have to say that I'm quite obsessed with this whole planning thing...smile105.gif


    I'm working on a Photographer's "must take" picture list....This has been quite fun...WOW there are some very amazing poses out there...LOVE the trashing of the dress... very sexysmile43.gif


    Anyway, I'm looking forward to meeting you all


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