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How To Decide On The Perfect Destination Wedding Venue

I usually find that most couples immediately fall in love with their wedding venue as soon as they lay their eyes on the perfect one! However sometimes it comes down to the choice between two venues, both appear so perfect, so how do you choose?


Here are 2 easy steps to help you make that all important choice;


Step One

Start by listing your top priorities for the day, choose maybe 3 or 4 at the most. Here are a few suggestions I use to help my couples choosing their venue;

  • The view and setting for both your ceremony and reception venue!
  • Transfers – would you prefer to have the venue in one location or would you prefer a different ceremony and reception location?
  • Privacy- would you be prepared to share with other guests or would you prefer complete privacy?
  • Food and drink quality, does the venue offer drinks packages, or can you purchase on consumption, are the menus flexible do they cater for special dietary requirements
  • Timings – How long does the evening last, would you like to party into the early hours or would you be happy ending the music at midnight (what are the venues rules on loud music?)
  • Budget – which venue fits better within your budget?
  • Access – some remote wedding venues have lots of steps or rickety bridges, consider guests comfort and abilities (prams/wheelchairs)

Step Two

Now use your list and cross reference the details of each venue, your wedding planner can help with this part.

Does one venue clearly stand out by meeting all or most of your requirements? If yes you have found your perfect wedding venue!

Making a list may not seem very romantic but it takes away the emotion and helps you make a clear informed decision, which is incredibly important when choosing the perfect wedding venue.

Once you have chosen your perfect venue you can go back to dreaming about all the fun you’re going to have planning your wedding!

Where have you chosen as your wedding destination and venue? Leave us a comment in the box below and let us know!



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