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5 Steps To Plan A Wedding Of Your Dreams

Planning a wedding is a big commitment, and could end up consuming your life for several months. There are so many wedding planning professional who guide with the design, planning and management. Here are the few steps which will help to reduce the stress before wedding planning..


Wedding Dress- After booking of your vendors..Now it’s time to relax and go for wedding dress shopping. Shopping for a wedding dress will be one of the most exciting parts of the whole wedding preparation process. To do research, design and order properly before you even start to look around and you should have the bit knowledge about dresses. Try to find latest magazines that provide the information about the latest trends.


Wedding Songs- I have been thinking that the music is a big part that make our day special and memorable. I have come up with easy tips for music that will help a memorable day.

  • If you are hiring a band, So be clear about your likes and dislikes.
  • First think about the kind of music you want your wedding to have. Select the music according to the theme of wedding, if it is a high energy party than go heavy on the up tempo tunes. if you want a dreamier or more romantic tone than go for your favorite love songs.
  • It is mostly impossible to please everybody, but music is one section where you may try. Take ideas from your relatives and ask them to suggest few tunes.You can also add a spot in your response cards for guests to recommend their favorite dancing songs.
  • If you have a song that you precisely have at your wedding- but you have fear it could be odd or offend by older relatives, than save it for the late in the evening, when most of the remaining will be your friends.

Research vendors- Choosing the right vendors can be quite time consuming if you are not sure what you are looking for and how to research. Make a list of certain vendor categories that you need for your wedding helps to organize the vendor information. When you are researching, I suggest that you check the vendor’s portfolio, vendor’s company websites, bio, pricing info and vendor’s blog. To do research on every single type of vendor that you need, but book up quickly the essential ones like photographer, videographer and caterer.


Wedding Venue- When all 3 tasks have completed and once you have taken all of those decisions, than start searching venues. When you are researching for venue and find a venue that you like, I suggest contact them and asking for availability on the actual date of the wedding. If they do, then go further and visit the venue. You can also plan out some nice venues from Event Planners like those in Long Island and make sure the place is well equipped to make your wedding party memorable affair.


Make checklists- Make lists for everything what you have done and what to do. By writing down everything you need to do, and assign time frames for every tasks, this will make you relax and feel confident that you are not forgetting anything important. Make sure you note all appointments and consultations, too.


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