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Booked, Planned & Married In Only 72 Hours



How long does it usually take to book a destination wedding? 1 year? How about in 2 years? After planning hundreds of weddings per year, we have come to a very important bottom line: all couples are different.


It doesn´t matter if you wish to book 3 years in advance or 2 months in advance, we have got it covered. There are only so many factors that go into a wedding, to name a few; flowers, food, dress, cake, photographer, venue, colors and decorations.

Now imagine planning all of this in only 72 hours, yes you read that right, 72 hours. Not 72 days, not 72 weeks, but only 72 hours! Well, we made it happen and it all started on a Tuesday afternoon.

Last Tuesday afternoon we received an unusual request, as a bride was inquiring about availability for Friday, for that same Friday. Now, even though January is a very busy month for weddings in the beautiful Las Caletas beach, which is located in warm Puerto Vallarta, we were lucky to have availability on such short notice.


So what did we do? We got to work! Our amazing Adventure Weddings team did the unthinkable yet not impossible. We contacted our future bride in no time, who let us know her fiancé and her were in town and decided to have an elopement wedding, how cool! Once we explained in a very brief yet precise way of how we would make this work, it was only Wednesday and the adventurous couple had booked their Barefoot ceremony with Adventure Weddings and was already working with our coordinators.


The date and time were set, Friday at 8:00am was the meeting time for our couple to begin this adventure. Our wonderful coordinator had 24 hours to arrange a wedding, a beautiful barefoot ceremony for 2, on a hideaway beach which is only reached by boat.


Flowers & Decorations:

As they say, there is beauty in simplicity, and even though simple was key in this wedding planning, beauty was definitely achieved. For their reception they chose wood exposed tables & chairs with white table runners and napkins.

For the flowers, they chose an adorable combination of white and greenery, using mostly white roses, eucalyptus and gypso for the boutonniere, bouquet & centerpiece. The bride also wore a gorgeous flower crown made by our florists using only baby’s breath. However, we are sure no matter what flowers she chose, her happiness was glowing at all times.



There is always time for cake, which in order to match the theme was a naked, vanilla frosted, 1 tier oh so delicious cake with a couple of white roses on the top.


Key Ingredients: Love & Happiness

The entire day was magical, their love and happiness was glowing every minute. Not only did we manage this “express” booking and planning, however they made our week by sharing this amazing love story and allowing us to be part of it.

We look forward to having many more unique stories of this kind, where only love matters, where we could make a dream come true and witness the beginning of an amazing adventure.


Adventure Weddings truly appreciates each of our couples for allowing us to bring their dreams to life and we can´t wait to see what many future brides and grooms have in store for us.

Thank you!


-Adventure Weddings


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