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Paradisus Cancun Wedding



We have been planning a wedding at the Paradisus Hotel in Cancun for about a year. The wedding took place on May 28, 2017. 120 people came from all over the world to celebrate with us. We had 50 rooms at the hotel.

The person from the Romance department that worked with us was Melina Andrea Guerrero Rios. She was horrible!!!!! Words can not describe the aggravation we had all this year and especially the weekend of the wedding. Melina Andrea Guerrero Rios is unprofessional, does not have a clue how to organize a wedding, we don't understand how she got to this position. She did NOTHING we asked for. Melina Andrea Guerrero Rios over charged us for things she didn't do!!!! We paid $3500 for flowers, and two hours before the wedding Melina tells us that she did not order the flowers and ended up just putting some ugly flower arrangements throughout the wedding area not the flowers that we paid for.

Melina Andrea Guerrero Rios came in the middle of the ceremony and asked us to sign papers for extras putting us in a tight spot where we couldn't even look at what the terms and conditions of those extras were, forcing us to sign minutes before the ceremony under stress and committing to payments that we were not aware of. Melina Andrea Guerrero Rios pulled out the plug of our music in the middle of the reception and asked for extra $2000usd if we wanted to continue for another hour, when asking her to show the contract where the time was stated she pulled out a paper that had the time in very small print without our signature on it, our signature was on all the other pages except that one surprisingly!!! Worst experience ever!!!!! She made the bride and groom very upset!!!! If that wasn't enough we had so many problems with the rooms. Many of our guests had to switch rooms including the bride and groom. Some rooms did not have air conditioning for three days in a row, one room had a leaky air conditioning causing the floor to get wet causing the groom to slip and hurt his arm. The hotel itself has no air conditioning in the lobby at all, or in any of the restaurants in the hotel, the hotel is built with an open top so that they can have airflow but in Cancun with 100% humidity that's just not enough.

Finally after the horrific ordeal with Melina, when we requested to have the centerpieces (valued over $3000) that we provided returned to us, Melina claimed that it's in the contract that we need to pick up the centerpieces immediately as soon as the wedding is over, and now they are lost, (you really expect a bride and groom or family members to start collecting centerpieces in the midst of their celebration?). A day later when we came into Melina's office to discuss the ordeal she had a bunch of our centerpieces sitting in her office, she never bothered to call us and let us know that she found some of them, not even 10% of what we provided.

Finally after being told by Melina that she does not have a supervisor and there is nobody above her that we can talk too we got to one of the hotel managers Mario and after we presented to Mario a bunch of the emails that support all of our claims and all of our complaints including the flowers that we have paid for and ordered, his resolution to all this BS that we had to deal with, was to offer the bride and groom two nights stay at the hotel. The condition was that they would accept this as satisfactory, sign away any rights to future claims and not place any bad reviews about what has happened. Refusing to offer a refund for the stuff that was not provided per our contract. Obviously we refused

So if you are planning a wedding in Paradisus Cancun I would recommend to think again, and definitely for sure not to work with Melina Andrea Guerrero Rios!!!!!!


In all honesty there are some excellent staff members at the hotel namely Tabata Who is in charge of the pool area and the Coco club beach cabanas and her amazing staff such as Manuel who treated us like royalty.


Devastated mother of the bride.


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