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Hot Topic: What To Give Your Bridesmaids



Did you know that in Roman history, the bridesmaids dressed alike and formed a bridal troop to march alongside the bride to the groom’s village?! They protected the bride and intervened if anyone tried to bother the bride or steal her dowry. Times have changed a bit since early Roman history, but your bridesmaids will still surround you and protect you (from anxiety!) on your wedding day! You have probably already picked out the ladies who are closest to you. So now, what are the best gifts you can give them to show your appreciation? How about these trendy ideas:


1. Monogramed Gift Bags

A great start – the gift bag. Give gift bags for your destination wedding with little goodies that they will need during their beach getaway. Maybe with several miniature things they can keep in their purse that come handy during their trip – like a mini nail file, a Tide Stick, chapstick, sunscreen, a small mirror, flip flops, and necessities like aspirin and band-aids! Make the bag, itself, even more special by adding a monogram of their name.


2. Silk Robes

On Trend: Your girls are will be there by your side getting ready (almost) all day! A comfortable and stylish way to help them feel special (and look great in photos) is to give them each a silk robe to wear as they prepare for the wedding. Embroider cute messages on the back like: “Maid of Honor”, or “Team Bride”!


3. A Makeup Bag

We know that nothing is more important when you are away from home than a small bag with life-saving touch-up items like a small lipstick, eyeliner, mascara and more inside to “freshen up” – especially on the wedding day. This is definitely a gift that will come handy for a destination wedding. Pro Tip: Go online and order cute makeup bags from a major cosmetic company with samples of the top selling seasonal items and colors already inside the bag!


4. Customized Jewelry

Nothing says “everlasting” and “luxury” like a gorgeous bracelet, earrings, or a personalized necklace. If it is in your budget, give a gift of matching jewelry to wear on the wedding day. It’s fun to wear a common detail at the wedding that you can also cherish forever. Customize it with an engraved message or initials!


5. Pamper Them With a Spa Basket

There are moments in our lives when we simply need to take the time for relaxation and pampering! Encourage some pre-wedding relaxation with a gift of aromatic sea salts, exfoliating creams and a scrubby brush. There are so many options – add in an organic face peel and essential oils and top it off with comfy house slippers (also pairs nicely with the silk robe!). Give this gift at your rehearsal dinner so they can pamper themselves the night before and show up fresh, relaxed and ready for your big day!


TELL US: What is the best bridesmaid gift you have received?


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