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Where To Begin?



HI there,

I'm going to start by telling my little story!

I'm Jaime, 29, from a little town in the UK called grimsby. Me and my partner gaz, have been together almost 5 years. I have a 7 year old daughter from a previous relationship, we are one very happy disfunctional little family, who's normal these days right?


So, in January we decided to get married, I didnt get the big proposal, no ring, but don't feel sorry for me, this is typical gaz (we couldn't even stand each other when we met) we had already decided to have a 'big holiday' for 2017, looking at various places in the caribbean Cuba, Dominican etc. I think his exact words were "stuff it let's get married on holiday" so we went with Mexico booked it the following week and supprised everyone.


We now have 13 guests, and us 3. So after reading everyone else's reviews (I haven't read one with such small numbers yet) I'm not sure what to do for the reception but I'm pretty laid back and I'm sure it will be perfect. We have decided to have the ceremony under the gazebo at tullum this was a deal breaker for me, this is what sold the hotel I just thought it look so beautiful. The ceremony will take place at 2 although I am considering putting it later like 4? (Any ideas and help appreciated there)


So far at home preperation is right on target, I picked my dream dress in April! It was a total no brainer l. My best friend had gone to our local wedding fair and rings me up saying she's seen my wedding dress!! I'm completely confused I hadn't even tried any on! So me and my mum head down there and oh my gosh it's perfect and also completely out of budget of course! A few weeks later I head to a bridal outlet trying to keep the buget tight try on about 15 dresses and hate every single one!! I left feeling deviated not one of the suited me! My mum books an appointment for me to try this dress on and when I walked out of the fitting room we both cried and the price no longer mattered it's like this dress was made just for me.


Anyway we have booked through Thomas Cook so any brides out there that have either been or going I'll love to hear your stories!! Xx


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