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American Astronauts Confirm Mysterious Music Heard On The Moon



The new voice records from space exploration mission Apollo 10's aerospace agency USA (NASA) revealed, the astronauts heard a "music" strange coming from the moon.

Just two months before the historic flight of Apollo 11 put humans first landed on the Moon in 1969, the Apollo 10 crew was making a flight to the Moon's orbit. However, going into the other side of the Moon, the spacecraft has lost contact with Earth for about 1 hour.



The astronauts of the Apollo 10 mission had heard a "track" strange from the Moon. (Photo: Getty Images).

Until now, the public what is known through the mass media are explorer flight took place smoothly without any incidents occur.

Nearly four decades later, we have found a lost footage, which records what the three Apollo 10 astronauts experienced while flying into the orbit of the Moon. Accordingly, while the station lost contact with controllers on Earth, the crew heard a sound like the music emanating from the moon through their headphones.

According to the tape recorded conversations of the astronauts, all 3 have never heard strange sounds.

"The music" on the lasting about 1 hour before the astronauts communicate with Earth. Then, the crew had discussed whether to report to the control center for what they have not heard.

Recording records Apollo 10 mission was classified and security in the archives of NASA until 2008. After being released, recordings have fueled the debate about the nature and origins of "tracks" strange coming from the moon.

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