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The Ultimate Bridal Shower Gift Guide






Before talking about my own wedding, I want to reflect on the bridal shower of one of my best friends, when I was the maid of honour. I had to organize the shower and believe me, it was not an easy task. One of the challenges was : What to get for the bride-to-be? I wish I had the list I am about to write back then...


1. His and Hers Gifts


Many gifts come in sets of two – for her and for him. Couples adore them because they represent the idea of unity between two people, and who understands that better than the soon-to-be-married. You could get them a set of salt-and-pepper shakers in the form of a hugging couple, or a pair of hangers twisted to spell out “Bride” and “Groom” which will be a perfect detail on their wedding day. Some other options are his and hers bathrobes or a bridal robe, perhaps one with the bride's name embroidered to make it more personal, his and hers mugs (his having mustache and hers with plump lips), his and hers beer koozies if they like outdoor activities, etc. If it is a same-sex couple, instead of “his” and “hers”, you can find similar “yours” and “mine” gifts.


2. Unique and Personalized Gifts


With really close friends, you do not have to go for a safe option and choose something ordinary and impersonal. Let your imagination loose. If they met at a concert that you went to together, and you kept the ticket, frame it as a reminder of where it all began. It can also be a photo of the happy couple that you took but have never showed them. Make them a customized return address stamp as they are going to be sending a lot of mail. If they are incurable romantics, buy them a set of cloth napkins and have a literary love letter printed on them. If you know their favorite author, that is a great choice. If not, look at Frida Kahlo’s letter to Diego Rivera, or Zelda Fitzgerald’s letter to Scott, or Leo Tolstoy’s letter to his wife.

3. Funny Gift Ideas


What could be more appropriate for a jokester than a silly, witty, playful present? Give them a pair of humorous self-help books that offer instructions on how to survive marriage, or a pair of pillowcases with a witty wording like “Mr. Right” and “Mrs. Always Right”. Then there is a Battle of the Sexes’ board game for geeks, a “Game Over!” printed T-shirt, or a pair of mugs saying “I Do” and “I Do What She Says”. Anything you think your friends would find funny. After all, you know them best.



4. Order a fun & engagement themed cake or muffins


There is no party without a cake or muffins. They can be as funny, or as serious, as you want. You can probably make the muffins on your own. Decorate them with little hearts, or rings, or stick toppers in each one of them with quotes about love from famous writers, or with the names of the couple. Muffins are also convenient because you can arrange them in a variety of shapes (a diamond ring, a wedding dress, or a tuxedo). Bake shops that specialize in wedding cakes will probably be able to give you some unique ideas. For example, a photo cake.



Did these ideas inspire you? Can you think of any other fun and unique presents?


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