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Rain And Nostalgia!



Back in June, the rainfall of Hanoi was torrential, as intense as the day old yet.



The days of rain, feeling my most frustrating is struggling with its own nostalgia. It's like an addiction always gloat and when you can not be repressed again choose to write out. I write haphazard, wherever possible. That may be the sticky notes on the table, as the book is read, the book referred to or mixed in the brochure. Nostalgia just let fall on each word babble, were strewn everywhere.


I remembered our deserted lane, the street is only slightly rain water was half a wheel. These days it rains, we often work together. He drove carefully and slowly because roads hardly smoothness. And you in the back for avoiding rain that sits a little closer to him, holding his lap a little tighter. Do not fret because of rain, the opposite also delighted smile. Rain brings us closer together.


I remember our first dinner date, stepped out of the restaurant, the rain never rushed to order. We cover them raincoat you buy at the evening rush. We exchanged a warm smile, as smooth as the raindrops. The streets of Hanoi long hun smoking as part shortened sack me my remembrance moments hug him from behind. Peaceful and gentle.

I miss his pearl flowers Lane, after each rain the night seemed scent helped soothe, pure being awakened. I like the feeling of reaching for a flower, watching the petals fragile white, somewhere lingering raindrops sparkling and breathe deeply for lush scent chest.


I remember one morning rain 7th, you go to the agency and sent him the song Rhythm of the rain mere letter "A rainy day ...". He donated the song that I'm still the same deeply felt, he told me: "Who would send such selective".


Back in June, the rainfall of Hanoi was torrential, as intense as the day old yet. Familiar tune of the old song still sounded in the small room every night rain. Someone's heart is still looking forward and so completely original. But nostalgia apparently wide for every additional long bare hands from unsteady.


"I sent him a little Hanoi

Lagerstroemia purple dye paths

Huong Ngoc Anh, sudden showers

Torrential falls and send both nostalgia injured! "


to be continue 1gom


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