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Out Of The Box



Hello brides! This entry is for all of you who want to get out of the ordinary and traditional wedding stuff, and dare to be different and unique!


I created a gallery album in which you can see some of the details and different kinds of things we plan for our wedding, and some examples of other brides who have done special things for the BIG day.


Starting with the wedding photos, we hired Shenko Photography www.shenkophoto.com for the wedding day and the trash the dress session. We loved every picture because it's not the typicall wedding photo with everybody hugging and standing straight, the background is always so pretty and so different from anything else. They also make underwater sessions which are really cool.


For the reception, we are giving out pineapple plastic cups for the guests, instead of the glass or any normal cup everyone gives out. There are also coconut cups which are really adorable for the party. Maybe it's not the most elegant but sure is the funniest.

I bought them on amazon.com, but they are also at www.orientaltrading.com


Also, we are making a fun experience for the guestbook, they will take a polaroid picture, hang it in a rope and sign it!


Hope you like it!

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