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4 Make-Up Tips To Help You Look Fabulous On Your Wedding





Have you decided against hiring a professional make-up artist for your wedding? Many brides like you do their own make-up so they don’t end up looking like a completely different person.


If you are worried about how it’s going to turn out, here are some tips that you could use.


Getting the Foundation Right




The key to looking great is making sure that the base is perfect. Excess foundation can make you look cakey and will cause your fine lines to show more. If you need to reduce your fine lines, use a moisturizing cream such as the KNU Anti Aging Michael Todd Face Lift cream. Such creams work from the very first application, but starting to use them about a month or so before your wedding will have your skin looking gorgeous and radiant.


Whether you use dry or liquid foundation, or tinted moisturizer, be sure to pick the right shade. If using powder-based products, always use a primer first. Primer helps the make-up stay on your face for longer.


Looking Even Complexioned




Applying foundation on the face can make the rest of your skin look different. Apply a little bronzer on your décolletage for an even color. If you have dark circles, acne, or blemishes that you need to hide, a good quality concealer can do the trick.


If you need to tan your skin, do so a couple of weeks before your wedding day. This will give you enough time to deal with mishaps such as orange-colored skin.


Start eating healthy food now if the wedding is just 3-4 months away; the effects will pay off on your big day. Drinking lots of water will also help your skin glow from within. Regularly using a good cream or serum such as that from the KNU Anti Aging Michael Todd range for just a few weeks will have your skin looking fresh and youthful.


Being a Bright-Eyed Bride




A primer is a must for the eyes too. Once you’re done with it and the concealer, move on to eye-shadow. Stay away from pearly or glossy colors as they will show wrinkles and creases. They also reflect light so aren’t recommended if you intend to have a lot of pictures clicked. Use eye-shadow in a matte finish and be sure to blend the colors well.


Apply highlighter on the brow bone and finish off with a lash of mascara. Waterproof mascara won’t run with your tears. If you are light-haired, go for brown mascara instead of black. Don’t forget your eyebrows; have them tweezed, waxed, or threaded about a week before the wedding.


Make sure to get enough sleep the night before the big day. You don’t want to look groggy or have puffy eyes.


Making the Lipstick Stay




Kissing, eating cake, and sipping on champagne won’t help your lipstick stay put. Use a lip liner to outline and fill your lips first. Follow up with lipstick.


Glossy lipstick won’t stay on for long and will feather easily. On the other hand, a lipstick in matte finish can make your lips dry and chapped. Use a lipstick that moisturizes your lips without being too shiny.


Go either for bold eyes and nude lips, or bold lips and subtly done eyes.




Doing your make-up yourself means you’ll look just like you want to. You know what colors look good on you and how your skin reacts to certain types of make-up. However, keep in mind that wedding make-up is a lot different than every day make-up. Practice so you can get it perfect on your big day.


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Also, if you are a destination bride, make sure your make-up will endure hot weather and maybe some sweat if the ceremony is held under the afternoon sun.  Waterproof mascara is a must for this special day!

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