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5 Strategies To Save Big On Your Wedding Day



Sometimes it is very hard to calculate the overall cost of wedding planning. Your money is distributed over many different vendors and shops, so it is hard to keep track of the innumerable expenses. If you want to keep track for you’re spending, than planning is essential to maintain your budget and decide where you need to cut costs. These tips can light you the right way to saving money on wedding planning.

1. Off-season wedding- Plan your wedding in off-season will help to save 10-20% off your whole wedding expenses. November or January through March is not in high in demands as some of the summer months and often it is bit cheaper. These are not more suitable months for an outdoor ceremony. But you will get good opportunities either you can save large cash or go with higher-tier vendors for the same amount that you were going to originally spend.

2.Supply and Demand- Try to schedule your wedding day both Friday and Sunday because Saturday is popular day for wedding so it is so expensive or posh day. By choosing the wedding venue intelligently can be helpful to save some money and it can be largest money saver for your wedding planning. You can also save more by choosing the non-traditional wedding venues that do not charge as much as your standard reception hall like long island wedding venues, country club or restaurant. In non-traditional wedding government buildings, museums, parks, and gardens fall under this category and these are equally amazing than a typical wedding reception venue.

3. Food And Beverage Bargains – Take estimates on the prices of buffet dinner and sit-down dinner serving from the caterer before you hire one or the other. Go for lunch option instead of dinner reception which will save huge because lunch prices are based on smaller portion sizes will also save the costs of alcohol cause of take less alcohol in evening rather than evening. Best to avoid the traditional, pricey seafood. Not only is cultural food trendy also pocketbook friendly. Cut the list of dishes you serve, Rather than serving so many courses, display your guests with either a salad or an appetizer, and serve wedding cake for dessert.

4.Cheap decoration ideas- Try to choose wedding locations that don’t require additional decorations like museums or botanical gardens which are available for a small fee. Decide you’re wedding around the holidays, because that time church’s and reception venues are already decorated for the occasion. Use the house linens, potted plants, candles, and frames at the hotel, restaurant or catering hall where your wedding is being held rather than spending so much money to rent special tablecloths, floral arrangements.

5. Find the look for less- Try to choose the discounted or sample-gown racks at bridal shops and department stores for is one of kind bargains, also explore consignment stores and internet sites for word dresses, or brand-new gowns that never made it to alter and wear your mother’s dress. Order a bridesmaid dress in white or ivory because there are plenty of beautiful styles out there. You'll end up with an elegant look for a fraction of the cost of a bridal gown.


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