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To Veil or Not to Veil…That’s the Question!

Sarani Weddings

Say yes to the veil!

By Sarani Estrada



You’re all set planning a destination wedding and you ask yourself: Should I wear a veil to the beach? Trust me: Say yes to the veil! No matter where you get married or how small the gathering, it is still your unique wedding day. When else will you have the opportunity to wear one -- besides Halloween, of course!



For me, a veil is the epitome of being a bride. Idid not wear one on my wedding day and I still regret it.

Of course, if you simply do not like veils, or feel they don’t go with your personality, then, by all means, don’t wear one. The most important thing is for you to feel comfortable and not like you are in costume.




If you are considering a veil, here are some advantages:

  • It makes you look thinner. Yes! It’s true, I have seen brides of all sizes and shapes wearing veils, and they are always flattering. Besides looking skinnier, it helps you hide unwanted features.

  • It makes you feel special. I have heard it tons of times: “I don’t want to take the veil off!” “I want to sleep with it!” It is such a romantic feature. When the bride is getting ready and looks at herself in the mirror wearing her dress, she gets excited. But when she puts on the veil, she is transformed: That’s when she gets emotional.

  • It is a great prop for photography, and here’s the part where I am an expert. Being a photographer I adore veils. When you are at the beach, there is nothing much going on besides the scenery, so an additional visual element is greatly appreciated. And it is such fun to play and be creative with the veil!

Here are some pictures of my beautiful brides with some incredible veils:












Sarani Estrada is the owner and main photographer of Sarani Weddings

A specialized studio in destination weddings photography and cinematography, based in Cancun, Mexico.


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Thanks for posting!  I tried a veil on today with some dresses when I went dress shopping it really does complete the look and give you that bridal feeling.  I wasn't originally going to wear a veil, but I've completely changed my mind.  They just make you feel like a bride, without one made me feel like I was just wearing a dress.

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