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The Extent of it All...Hair Extensions, Eyelash Extensions and Extending your Wedding Day Look into the Night!


The Extent of it All...Hair extensions, Eyelash Extensions and

Extending Your Wedding Day Look into the Night!




Hair Extensions have come a long way. They are much more common and an everyday tool for hairstyles. If used correctly hair extensions can make your style look lustrous and chic. Many of my brides ask if they should use hair extensions? I base my answer on a few questions. If you answer yes to any of them you are a candidate for hair extensions...


1) Do you want to wear your hair half up, half down but you don't have enough hair?


2) Do you want the "beach wave" look but don't want it to look like you got stuck under a wave?


3) Does your hairstyle fall out in the heat and/or humidity?


4) When you put your hair up does it look "puney"?


If any of this sounds familiar then I would recommend hair extensions. Hair extensions can create volume to an up-do, thickness to a side swept look, chic to your chignon and you can also add height to your puff if you so desire. Hair extensions hold a curl like no ones business and have more staying power than just hairspray. While your natural hair may lose the curl throughout the day, your hair extensions (if curled and applied correctly) are there to camouflage and blend in to create soft, flowy curls. There are many different hair extensions to choose from. I recommend talking with your stylist first about the look you both want to create. After your trial and/or consultation your stylist will know what type of extensions you should purchase. Please keep in mind the hair color should match yours. Also, if you decide to wear your hair up, you do not need as good a grade of hair extensions. If you opt for a down style, you should invest in some good extensions. Reason being, when your hair is up, your stylist can hide the quality of the extensions. When your hair is down, the whole beauty of the style is lavish hair.







Eyelashes- Just like hair extensions, there are TONS to choose from. Depending on the look you and your makeup artist decide on will be the deciding factor on what type of eyelashes you should use. Here are a few rules of thumb (beauty rules are ALWAYS made to be broken!). NOTE: If you are not accustomed to using lashes I always recommend individual lashes. They are extremely comfortable and light.


Individual Lashes - Look best with a "Natural" look. Mixing different lengths will create a very realistic look. You can use long lashes at the corners of your eye for a very understated cat eye.


Strips - Look best with a "Smokey", "Clean" and "Dramatic" look. Short-Medium lashes that are not too close set are great for a smokey eye. Strips that are just for the corners of your eyes are great for a cat eye and a clean look. Long, close set strips are great for a dramatic look.







Extending the wear of your makeup - Before you start your makeup be sure to use a light-weight moisturizer for oily skin (even if you do not have oily skin). Stay away from any products that say "moisturizing", "dewey" or "glow." Your makeup artist can create a dewey or glowing look for you without you looking like your middle initials are KFC. Once your makeup is all done, use a setting spray. Don't spray too close and form an "X" as you spray. Unless you have a lot of experience with humidity, I recommend you stay clear from touching up your own makeup. Over-use of makeup, especially if you are perspiring, will result in a cakey look. Otherwise, stick to blotting papers or hire your artist for touch ups!






I beg all you beautiful brides out there to stop being so hard on yourself. I bet that every single picture you have saved as your hair and/or makeup inspiration, the model is using hair extensions, eyelashes and she has someone touching her up after every shot. You can look EXACTLY how you imagine with the right tools and application. You are only a hair extension and eyelash away smile.png


All my best,


MVP Hair and Make-Up Artistry

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The ideas here are not only applicable to weddings alone but some of the tips could be used for our everyday make-up. Highly informative, thank you!


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