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The Dress Is the Focal Point of Your Wedding—do it Right!



In 2012 weddings cost the average Australian couple a mind-numbing $54,294. On the other side of the pond, our American cousins spent an average of $28,082. Why the wide disparity? Are Americans less romantic…stingier…there must be an explanation.


Just by keeping your expenses to the levels spent in the United States, you could save almost half on your wedding expenses.


The breakdown for these expenses reveals that the most significant cost differences are in the amount spent on the honeymoon, rings and photograper/videographer. It seems our American counterparts spend about 50% less. We Aussies also spend a bit more on the bridal party attire, about 25 percent more.


Considering the fact that we spend more for photographers and videographers, we should make that extra effort to look good, especially the bride! Why not consider less expensive engagement and weddings rings, using that money instead for a custom wedding dress? You could also cut back on your honeymoon expenses or perhaps trim a little from both. After all, the rings don’t show up well in photographs and you photographer isn’t joining you for the honeymoon. Custom made wedding dresses can be the centre of attention and the focal point for many priceless memories.

Let me give you a few reasons why choosing a custom made wedding dress is an excellent decision.

  • A custom dress does not automatically mean that you will pay a higher price than if you buy your dress off-the-rack
  • Off-the-rack dresses almost always need tailoring which can set you back more than a few dollars
  • A custom dress affords you the opportunity to have a one-of-a-kind wedding dress, made from the fabric you choose, in the design you have dreamt about with all the details, trim and style included.
  • You are not ‘settling” for something that is almost what you want
  • A perfectly fitting wedding will enhance your confidence immeasurably
  • Custom dresses include features unavailable in off-the-rack gowns such as supportive spiral boning and waist stays, offering the bride unparalleled comfort
  • Impeccable craftsmanship is the hallmark of a custom gown and heirloom quality adds immensely to the value
  • Choosing a custom dress makes you part of the process which ensures that your gown will be everything you imagined and integrate flawlessly with your wedding’s theme
  • With a custom gown, the worries of shipping, altering, bustling and final pressing are eliminated


Are there any downsides…well yes, but they are few. First, you will be devoting extra time in the design and completion of your dress as compared to choosing one off-the-rack.


The second issue is you will need to make your decision regarding a custom gown at least three months ahead of your wedding date. It cannot be a last minute decision for obvious reasons.


Each of us has unique physical characteristics … some we wish to minimize and some we desire to maximize. A custom gown will allow you to resolve any issues you may have in this regard. Custom fit goes well beyond waist and bust sizes.


As you make your wedding plans, consider the points made here carefully. While you may be fortunate enough to find the dress of your dreams right off-the-rack, there is an equally good chance that you won’t. When so much hard won cash is being spent for that memorable day, the wedding dress is the nadir of the occasion and should be your number one priority.


As to our American friends, I am convinced they are just a bit more practical when it comes to wedding expenditures than we Aussies are.


The rate of divorce in the United States may play a role as well. The rate of divorce in the US is significantly higher than in Australia. Maybe their weddings cost half of what ours cost because they need to do it more times to get it right … just a thought.

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This is an interesting article.  It's tough to gauge a true "average" wedding costs in the US since costs, not just for weddings but for cost of living in general, vary so greatly state by state.  There are certain states - NY, NJ, CT, CA to name a few, where $54K might be on the low side of an average wedding cost.  And then there are some states where one might even be able to buy a home for that same $54k!  Therefore, I think looking at average wedding costs in the US as a whole may not give you an accurate picture.

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