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How to have a good make-up for your wedding in Caribbean

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Unfortunately, heat can make our skin greasier and therefore your make-up can turn into an oil slick if you don’t use the right products. How to avoid the melt of the make-up? Use as few products as possible and avoid anything greasy or oily.

Before make-up is applied to skin use a high-spectrum sun protector. If the protector is water –resistant, free-from oil, fragrance, and parabens is much better. Also you can invest in an oil control powder. Choose a lightweight foundation, or if your complexion is in great shape, go without. It's a good idea to begin a good skin care routine months before your wedding; many brides also try to diet and exercise in the months preceding their big day to look their best. A sheer liquid foundation or a concealer-only approach will make sure your skin glows and isn't covered by a thick, matte base. A light dusting of translucent powder makes it easier for your beautiful complexion to shine through. Another reason to stick to lightweight makeup is photography: depending on the time of day, harsh sunlight can make heavy cosmetics show up in pictures in an unflattering way. A good waterproof mascara is a must. The wedding day is very emotional so you need a make-up that won’t run.

LL For a great beach bridal look, try these suggestions:

· Shimmery: A pale eyeshadow with a hint of shimmer can easily brighten your eyes. Choose pale blue, pearl, pale taupe, peach or pink colors. Use a thin eyeshadow brush to line your lower lids with the same shimmery shade. A thin line of black eyeliner is optional. Apply several coats of mascara in brown or black. A light application of pale blush in powder or cream form won't be too heavy. Lipstick in any shade of pink or even classic red will look fantastic. · Natural: Maybe your beachside wedding will be very casual and you want your makeup to reflect that. You can create a natural look without looking bare-faced. Dust your skin with sheer powder. Apply brown or black eyeliner to your eyelids, pale blush to your cheeks (blend well) and a glossy lip color close to your natural lip color. A coat or two of mascara will complete your casual bridal ensemble nicely. · Evening or winter: If your beach nuptials take place in the evening or winter season, your makeup can be a little heavier, but remember to keep the location in mind. Beautiful brows make a beautiful bride. Perfectly shaped brows can make a dramatic and striking impact on your entire face. Check this tips for beautiful brows on your wedding day:

  • For blondes, color in your brows one shade darker than your hair color to make them stand out and to frame your face.
  • Brunettes should have brows that are one to two shades lighter than their hair color so that their eyebrows don’t look too harsh.
  • For barely there brows, fill them in with a powder eyebrow color.
  • Taming unruly brows is easy with an eyebrow brush sprayed with a bit of hairspray or use a clear mascara to tame them.
  • To control lengthy brow hairs, comb brows straight up and trim excess hair with facial hair scissors, then comb straight down and trim up excess as well.

A professional esthetician should be shaping your eyebrows every two to three weeks, but in between you should tweeze any stray strands to keep your brows looking beautiful. LL Since heavy lip colors often feel like overkill once the weather warms up, many women opt for clear balm or skip their lips altogether. But just because you're feeling low-maintenance doesn't mean you have to look it. A simple swipe-and-go choice: tinted lip balms. "They give you whisper-light color, and many even have SPF to protect you from the sun." But if you would really like more colour and staying power, do use a lip pencil first. Line around your lips and then colour them in. Then put either gloss or lipstick over. For a really long lasting application, blot the lipstick with those oil blotting papers then apply another coat.

LL Finally, the make-up artist’s top tip. Spray a fine mist of water over your make-up to help set it. And do try any new products out in advance, in a full make-up rehearsal to be sure they are right for you!

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