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5 Tips For Selling Your Wedding Dress Online


I have a confession to make.


After spending about two years planning my wedding and having the most wonderful wedding experience I could ever imagine, coming home to the reality of the end of wedding planning mode was uite an adjustment for me. Honestly, I went into a period of depression and sort of stepped away from anything wedding-related. I was sad and "missed my wedding," if you will. And as a result, things like getting my wedding dress cleaned and preserved in a beautiful box as a special keepsake for my children didn't ever happen.


In fact, (here comes the confession part) my dress is actually still in the garment bag I brought home from Mexico almost 7 years ago -- Unwashed. Dirty at the bottom. Probably has sand on it from my Day-After session on the beach. And yep, there are probably a few champagne stains on the dress. I honestly couldn't tell you because frankly, I never opened the bag again. For all I know, someone on the plane could have pulled a switcharoo and I could be carrying a white boa and an astronaut's suit in there :) Hahahaha jokes on me!


I say all this because I probably should have gotten my dressed cleaned immediately and considered selling it. It was a beautiful dress and frankly, now that I think of it, I would have loved for it to have been worn by another bride and hey I would have been happy getting a little return investment on top of it as well.


With the ease of the internet these days, selling your wedding gown after the Big Day is really common. And when you post your dress online it's virtually getting eyeballed from potential buyers from all over the world. Some of the most popular sites to sell wedding gowns include: eBay, Craigslist, Wore It Once, Nearly Newlywed, Once Wed, PreOwned Wedding Dresses, Tradesy, Smart Bride Boutique and Still White.


But before you sell, it's always good to comparison shop on the sites, taking into account their listing and commission policy before picking what site is best for your needs and profit expectations.


Here are five important tips to consider when preparing to sell your wedding gown, according to DailyFinance.com:


Timing: Wedding dress sales peak in February and March, the best time to list your dress online, according to Terapeak, an e-commerce data tracker for eBay. Slowest period for wedding dress sales is between Thanksgiving and New Year's.


Dress condition: Time is not on your side if you want the best price, so list dresses as soon as possible while they're still in style. Some brides even pre-sell their gowns before their wedding day. Never-worn will reap the best price, while once-worn with no damage is a close second. Dresses older than three years are a tough sell, while vintage dresses from the 1980 and 1990s are popular.


Listing info: Include designer, size, original price and a detailed description of style and extras like beads, pearls, crystals and sequins. Be honest, which informs buyers and reduces return rates.


Pictures: Buyers want to see what they're getting, so don't skimp on pictures. Take photos of the dress in its entirety on a hanger; close-up photos of detailing like lace, sequins or unique pattern; back views including labels, zippers and clasps; and shots of damage, if any. Keep the background plain so your dress and details stand out.


Best-Sellers: Typically, plus-sized, short, lace, white and ivory gowns are top-sellers. When you write a description, use those keywords in the headline or listing body.


- - -

About me: I am a former BDW Bride AKA as MarieSam and was addicted to this forum as I planned my own wedding in 2009. I am the proud owner of MarieSam Sanchez Photography -- a husband and wife Wedding & Portrait Photography team based in Southern California and documenting love all over the world.

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