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Treats, Tricks & Unwanted Pounds, Oh My!


With Halloween creeping up on us like the stealthy black cat that it is, we are reminded that the holidays are upon us, sneaking in those pesky extra calories with them. Not only does Halloween mean candy galore; Thanksgiving then rolls around with rich foods; December is a fun-filled party season jam-packed with delicacies; and when you think you can't take it anymore the champagne toasts on New Year's Eve hit us like a ton of bricks.


But a girl just wants to have fun! So in that vein, we’re offerings tips for how to partake in the festivities while still being able to fit into your wedding dress on the big day!


#1 Fill up before heading out. Just like you’ve heard of not going to the grocery store hungry, do not go to a party on an empty stomach. This is probably the single most important rule. You may be tempted to save up your calories so you can get your binge on at the party, but if you arrive ravenous, you’re more likely to make bad choices. Down a healthy snack before leaving.


#2 Imbibe wisely. Sure, we want all to have a good time, but alcohol is filled with empty calories. Have a drink or two with the revelers but make sure to have water between drinks. A club soda with lime looks and feels fancy. Plus, your head will thank you in the morning. Also consider that cocktails made with fruit juice or full-calorie sodas are sugar laden. Opt for a simple white wine or vodka with diet tonic instead.


#3 Lap the buffet. Make sure to take quick inventory of what the party host is offering before filling your plate — it might get too full before you make your way to your favorites. You might as well save room on your plate, and your belly, for the foods you’re craving. This is also a great opportunity to gather ideas for what you may want to serve at your wedding.


#4 Every move counts. While this time of year can keep us busy, still aim to drag yourself to the gym at least a couple times per week. But if that gets too difficult, throwing in any extra movement will help burn the calories. Opt for taking the stairs, parking farther from the entrance, and getting outside whenever possible for a quick burst of fresh air and a brisk walk. Even if it’s just 5 extra minutes of walking, your body and sanity will reap the benefits.


#5 Rest. Don’t save all of your rest for the honeymoon! The holidays can be stressful, but be sure to save time in your hectic schedule for some relaxation. Numerous studies have proven that a well-rested body burns calories more efficiently. And on the flip side, too much stress can cause weight gain.


Most importantly, be merry this holiday season while staying guilt free! Hopefully these tips will help you make smart choices so you can be part of the festivities and not have to make an extra visit to the seamstress! Tis the season!


Did I miss anything? We’d love to hear how you keep the winter weight gain at bay.

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