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The Path You'll Take: Stop, Breathe & Relax


There are different kinds of milestones in a woman’s life. Your first crush, your first kiss ... that awful first zit. :o Hmmmm... then of course times when you realize who your real friends are, and then the shock you feel when you first lose someone to death. Sometimes equally painful is the day you realize your heart actually can be broken like an eggshell on the edge of a mixing bowl. Conversely, the moment may also come when you realize that you’ve found the love of your life and every day brings upon a blank page ready to be filled with life changing moments and memories fueled by love and laughter.

But perhaps there is not a more stress-filled yet wonderfully exhilarating event than “THE WEDDING DAY” — and yes, it warrants all caps because when it comes down to it, the entire experience really is just that fabulous! :D


It was about seven years ago when I really started delving into full wedding mode. With our big day set for June 26, 2009 in Akumal, Mexico, the clock was ticking and the to-do-list ever expanding much like my waistband *sigh* Ah yes, the fluctuating weight was just one of my many ups and downs during my bride-to-be era! :wacko:


Now if you were anything like me during that 1 year+ leading up to the big day, your mind is probably racing with never-ending questions, ideas and concerns. This really is a wonderfully exciting and special time so soak it all in — stress, bills and all — because you will only get the chance to be a first-time bride once, so make sure you cherish every moment!


With that being said, the path to your wedding day will not always filled with beautifully paved yellow bricks that are easy to follow. And if it is, please tell Dorothy I love her red shoes!!! :wub: But really, there will likely be a few ups and downs, some disappointments, and I’m sure a couple of surprises when least expected.


But try not to punch the panic button too fast, take a deep breath, and know these zany problems are prone to every wedding experience. And hey, if you do by chance get blessed with “perfect” planning and a stellar wedding day to boot, PLEASE PLEASE give me a call and we’ll bottle up your magic formula and sell it! I’ve already got an informercial ready to go and we’ll have millions of customers lined up at the door, I promise, lol.


But really, when the ol' wedding path leads you astray, try to keep focused on THE WEDDING DAY and enjoy the ride no matter how bumpy it gets. Trust me, while it may feel like a marathon, as you near the end you’ll wonder where the time went and you’ll miss it like an old pair of comfy jeans that made your butt look great, times 100.


Throughout my own wedding experience there were many times I cried tears of frustration and moments I even tried to convince my then fiance (now husband) we were better off just canning the whole “destination wedding” idea. Between zany airfare prices, travel and accommodation concerns, unexpected illness and a death in the family — Oh, and how can I forget my 2-week obsession with Fox News and CNN when I cried buckets during the “Swine Flu” meltdown, the surge of the Mexican drug cartel problems, and lest I forget my bridal shower being postponed twice! At one point I honestly thought our wedding was jinxed. -_- But somehow through all the mixups, missing emails, unruly bridesmaids, last minute RSVPs and cancelations, everything came together like a flock of birds in the beautiful blue sky. With a trails of tears left behind on my wedding path, everything just fell into place and It. Was. Magic. Seriously. ;)


So get your rest, drink lots of water, and put on a comfy pair of shoes. Your wedding awaits, and believe me, it’s a ride you’ll never forget!

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