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The Alternatives When You Don't Want Traditional Wedding Gifts


Perhaps you and your sweetheart already live together and have more than enough traditional coupling stuff for the home (i.e., toaster, towels, bedsheets, glasses, etc.) or maybe since you're a destination wedding bride you've come to realize what a tough task it would be for you to lug any gifts home that were brought to your destination celebration. Either way, there are plenty of alternatives to the traditional wedding gifts wish list to consider.


1. Create a Honeyfund at honeyfund.com


Here you can register for things that pertain to your honeymoon experience, like a scuba dive, a dinner out, a couple's massage by the shore -- it's up to you to list what you and your mate have planned for your getaway. And your friends and family can contribute to your fund to make your honeymoon a memorable one!


2. Sign up for a giftcard registry


Yes this does exist and who doesn't love the flexibility of giftcards?! This way you'll have more control of what you need to purchase and your guests will feel like they are still helping you out as you start your lives together. Cardavenue.com allows you to craft a giftcard wishlist for any type of celebration.


3. Ask your guests to contribute to your favorite cause or charity


People will want to give you something, so why not encourage them to pay it forward instead. The IDoFoundation is a site where you can create a free charity fundraiser and ask your guests to support a worthy cause in honor of your union.


4. Create a Home Fund


If you and your soon-to-be spouse are saving up to buy a home, why not ask your guests to help you with your down payment? At Hatch My House couples can create a home fund that guests can contribute to that will help them buy a place they'll one day call home.


5. Tell your family and friends their presence is present enough


For many destination wedding couples, having their guests invest in a trip/vacation to their destination celebration is more than enough of a gift. So thank your guests in person or include it on the invite or your wedding website that gifts aren't necessary -- and tell them their mere presence at your wedding is all you need.

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