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Q & A: Does a Travel Agent Help with Just Lodging, or Can They Assist with Other Travel Details?

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Does a travel agent help with just lodging, or can they help with transportation, airfare and other trip details as well?

According to Agent Wendy of Wright Travel Agency -- the official travel agency of BDW:

"Agents can certainly assist with not only a guest's stay, but also quite typically will assist in booking transfers from airport to resort, and airfare, as well if desired. Agents can also assist with booking optional tours and excursions for guests while they are onsite. An agent who is well versed in the area a client wishes to visit can also suggest local sites, museums, day trips or restaurants that should not be missed."

Looking for a Travel Agent? Try one of the BDW Travel Agents who specialize in destination weddings. You can contact Wright Travel HERE!

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