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Q & A: Do You Have to Pay a Fee to Use a Travel Agent?

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Do You Have to Pay a Fee to Use a Travel Agent?

According to agent Wendy H. of Wright Travel Agency -- the official travel agency of BDW:

"Depending on the agent and agency individual policy, there may be a service fee for using a travel agent. Agents are paid a commission by the Cruise lines, tour operators, and hotels they book for their clients at the completion of travel.

Often agent/agency fees (if charged) are dependent on the complexity of the itinerary being worked up for a client. I personally have not ever charged a fee, as I have not found it to be necessary, however for an agent who is working on planning a month long European trip, including transfers, individual hotels, train, and sightseeing for a client, the investment of the agent's time can be quite considerable and an initial request for deposit to be credited towards the trip or even a pure service fee would not be out of the ordinary or unusual."

Agent Patty J. also of Wright Travel Agency adds:

"We do not charge any service fees for our services and we're paid by the supplier once travel is complete. This means we are basically working for free up until a client travels. If a client should happen to cancel we typically do not make something on the booking or for our time."

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