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Photo Tips: Timing Your Sunset/Sunrise Ceremony & Portraits

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If you've been dreaming of a beautiful ceremony followed by incredible romantic photos at sunset, or perhaps you want to plan for sunrise photos -- you can actually determine the best time to plan your festivities by checking out approximate sunrise/sunset times for your wedding location.

By visiting: www.timeanddate.com/sun you can enter your location (if they don't list your city, choose the next closest major city) and you'll have the option to view sunrise/sunset times on the exact date you plan to get married.

This is a great tool for you as you begin your wedding planning process. Ideally, portraits done during the golden hours -- the two hours after sunrise and the two hours prior to sunset -- will give you the most flattering and soft light which will help yield gorgeous photos. If you can, try and connect with your photographer on the timing as well to discuss the ideal time for your ceremony and portraits. Your photographer can of great help in determining the best time for portraits.


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