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Last Minute Wedding Planning Tips for Your Big Day


Your wedding plans have been finalized and it’s only a few days before the big day. Now all that is left for you to do is to relax and enjoy yourself on your own marriage. The wedding celebration is the ultimate finale of your carefully laid out wedding plans. It is the moment to realize everything that you and your partner have prepared for when you finally become one.


If you have hired event and party planners, there should be very few last minute details to deal with before the wedding day. The event organizers will assist you with everything concerning the wedding preparations. In case there happen to be additional chores to do, the planners will notify you so that the wedding proceeds without problems.


On the other hand, even with meticulous planning, sometimes unforeseen things crop up, and when this happens, take it easy. And don’t worry, things will be smoothened out and your celebration will be as you want it to be.


The following last minute wedding planning tips will be very helpful in many ways, so do not disregard these pointers.


Aside from your honeymoon, wedding program, caterer, and your entourage, below are other last minute details that you must consider:


1. See if all the items to be used in the party are available. Everything must be brought to the location on the big day, so see to it that all the items are bunched up before hand and transported to the venue on time. Pay extra attention to small items like candles, wedding programs, props, and accessories as these things are usually overlooked.


It would be better to assign someone to manage mundane but important items. This is one way of making sure that everything will be on hand when needed.


2. Don’t forget to inform the caterer about the final number of your guests. The head count must also include your wedding planners, coordinators, photographer, wedding singers, and other people helping with the wedding.


Providing your caterer with this information will allow them to serve enough food for everyone. This will also avoid any discomfort brought about by unpreparedness in case more guests come than expected. Also do not forget to include RSVP in your wedding invitation.


3. This is a special occasion not just for you and your partner, but for your families and friends too. All the important people in your life will come together to witness your nuptials and wish you the best for your married life.


This moment is a good time to show your gratitude to your friends, parents, and relatives so prepare a small “thank you” speech for your toast. Be sure to mention everyone and talk from your heart. Everybody will surely be moved and they will never forget this day too.


The aforementioned detail may sound unimportant but this will complete your wedding to make it successful. And while you have been working hard and doing your best to plan your perfect wedding with the help of your event planners, there could be things that might slip your mind when your wedding day is only a few days away. Double check the whole list and contact your wedding planner at once when you notice something amiss. By acting swiftly, even at the last minute, problems can be solved.


As a final point, if you would like to have a faultless wedding ceremony, keep the suggestions above in mind. These tips will be a big help, and following them will guarantee that nothing will go wrong on the wedding. In fact, they may save your party from ruins.

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Definitely what I needed to hear! it's so easy to get lost in the details and not appreciate what is happening in the moment! I can't wait for my wedding!!!!

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