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Kick Overwhelmed In The Butt And Enjoy Planning Your Destination Wedding



You and your fiancé should sit down and talk through what you are envisioning for your wedding. This is the initial stages so play around with ideas, more so hear pay attention to what fiancé likes too. Also draw up your budget estimation.


Get in touch with a professional, such as a wedding planner or travel agent, wedding consultant etc.

Figure out this part with a professional help or someone with experience. You want to make sure you have a wedding planner or consultant who has knowledge, make sure you have a great connection /vibe with them, especially since you are going to be trusting them with such an important task. Ask them as many questions as you can. What destination and resort would work for you, make sure you point out your requirements you are looking for with a resort. E.g are you looking for a family friendly resort? An All-inclusive resort? Or a resort with tons of activities? Sandy beach. What group benefits you could find?


Break down the wedding planning into mini tasks.

Once you choose your destination and resort or private location, you want to decide between you and your fiancé, who is going to do what task. This is also the time to decide if your bridal party will be doing some DIY if necessary (delegate). Best result comes when you take care of 1 task at a time.


Resort booking make sure you are 100%happy before signing any contract and have read all fine prints.

  • Decide on wedding location, choose are you hosting your wedding at a resort or off-resort?
  • Choose your photographer, choose a package that works with your budget and select enough hours
  • DJ make sure you get some reviews, enough to get you comfortable.
  • Décor and florist this part usually drags a bit but its ok, communicate what you are looking for and share pictures to help communication.
  • Cake, best option is choose your design and flavors.
  • Favors, draw up how much you would like to spend on this part don’t go overboard.
  • Welcomes bags, same rule apply as favors.
  • Any extra you may want (bridal party gifts if you choose)

Inspiration board

You and your fiancé will choose your theme, and colors, be sure to visit some your top wedding pages such Pinterest for inspiration this will help you, especially to communicate with your location virtually on your vision. To avoid confusion on tones/color scheme etc. Research is great, but make sure you do not overdo it, to avoid overwhelming yourself.


Create a wedding website

This is going to be the best way to communicate with your guests throughout your wedding planning. Make sure you include your travel agent´s information, to help your guests with any question in terms of accommodation etc. This will help you to only focus on your wedding planning.


Between your life and work, what are the suitable times to do your wedding planning task?

Do you have more free time in the morning? Or in the evening? That you could do some planning? If you prefer weekends, then set some free time over the weekends. Whatever you do not over plan. Months will go by quickly, well at least that is how you will feel, with a simple spreadsheet it could be a word doc /PowerPoint to tick off your task and keep track of payment.


As much as is this all new to you, important factor is your day is going to be so special, in fact it will be more that you have imagined !

Take it all in and don’t forget to say “I do”.


Happy Planning!




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