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Have a Unique Wedding Guest Book!

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Wedding Map.
If after looking up for different wedding venues, you opted for a destination wedding; a great way to remember it forever is to have a map made with your names and the name of the place you had your wedding at; that your guests can sign and leave a message on. Another cute idea is to bring a globe; that can go straight into your home decor and will always remind you of this day.

Thumbprint Paint or Canvas.
You can have a canvas or a print of a tree with your names and wedding date and some nice color ink pads so your guest can mark their fingertips at. Some couples choose to have a tree and their fingertips to be the leaves on it, and there are some other cute designs you can have like a heart or balloon formed with all the fingertips.
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Jenga or Puzzle.
Pieces A fun way to ask your guest to say their good wishes is to have pieces of a board game for them to write on. This way you can frame the puzzle and hang it at home or use the game and you will get to remember the day whenever your family plays. If you have a beach wedding you might want to incorporate this theme into your guestbook as well and have some painted shells for instance, where guest can write their message on.

Wedding Ideas Guestbook Jenga2

Wedding Ideas Guestbook Puzzle

Polaroid + Tape.
A popular trend we’ve seen a lot is couples bringing their Polaroid cameras, a blank book or notebook and some cute design tape. Leave a sign that for guests to “snap a shot and stick it to the guestbook”. Besides keeping fun and sweet pictures on it you can leave some pens there for people to also leave their good wishes.

Message in a bottle.
Another great idea is to have a bottle and little pieces of paper, even some parchment paper with a tiny strand for them to be wrapped with. Where guest can leave “ideas for a great date” or a good wish for the couple and drop it at the bottle. Even better, save this for your anniversary and you will get to read all their nice thoughts for you when you celebrate your first year of marriage
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