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In Case Of Rain


Don’t let the wedding of your dreams get spoiled by nature’s whims. In the Caribbean there is a possibility of scattered showers; it can pour down heavily for a short time - mostly it takes just half an hour, so nothing much to worry, the sun will dry everything quickly. But paradise has a rainy season.


Therefore, especially from September to November, make sure to have a plan B in case of rain. Speak this thoroughly through with your WC. Ask if they have thought-out a location, where exactly this will be and if it comes with an extra cost – most particularly in the AI resorts, which tend to charge extra.


During this season it might be smart to plan the reception/dinner at an inside or half-open location e.g. the tables being covered by a rooftop, but the dance floor or lounge area at open air. You could also rent a tent, to protect from the possible rain, without altering the view.


During winter it could also be a good idea to consider an area protected from the wind, since it can get chilly at night and the sun sets down early, hiding the beautiful turquoise of the Caribbean blue sea.


* The first slideshow is a Zasil-Wedding which was hit with a heavy storm, but thanks to the professional organization of Wedding Planner Leanne Marie everything went on perfectly. The rain waited just until the end of the ceremony and instead of having the reception at the beach, Leanne guided the guests quickly to an area covered by ‘palapas’. After the bubbles and kisses, dinner was served inside, where the party went on swinging.

Since this date the beach club has added a covered ceremony area, so your wedding can be ‘fully rain proof’!

Lindsey + Eric: Pavo Real at Amarte


* The next view is an example of a half-open location. It was shot on a crazy windy day. The ceremony was held at the gazebo from hotel The Royal. Afterwards the couple and their guests went to this really nice beach club Bluecacao where the food was served in the protected area so the wind was no bother, on the contrary, it made everyone go wild at the party!

Amy + Kacy: Bluecacao


*Especially in Tulum there are several more eco-friendly hotels which have their beach restaurant under a big “Palapa”, so you are protected from the rain but you can still enjoy the view and the Caribbean feeling.

Sofia + Volker: Ocho Tulum, now S&S Hip Hotel

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Guest dominiqueamber


Gorgeous Pictures! Ive never seen clouds on the beach look so stunning and dramatic! Maybe its because on the computer I'm not afraid :)


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Guest Zasil


Thank you very much Dominique and good luck with your planning!!!


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if you are using a hotel (which I am) see if they have both an inside and outside ceremony venue- that way you have both options on the day. My hotel has promised me use of the inside ceremony room if it rains. 

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