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Destination Outdoor Wedding Tips And Advice

Pierre Violle

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The Riviera Maya is a gorgeous destination for tropical weddings and many couples wish to take advantage of the breathtaking natural surroundings and sunny weather to have their wedding ceremony outdoors. Outdoor weddings, whether on the beach, in the lush jungle, or a colorful garden, can be romantic and visually stunning but they do require a little extra thought and consideration. Here are some recommendations to assure a wonderful day is had by all, and a few tips to customizing your outdoor wedding ceremony.



Beach wedding in Tulum.



Outdoor ceremony at Xcaret Natural Park, Riviera Maya.



  • The weather is what brings most couples down to Mexico’s Caribbean coast, but remember, your guests may not be used to the heat. Make sure you offer cool beverages while they wait such as lemonades or minty cocktails to refresh and entertain. Why not create some personalized water bottle labels and hand out a cold water bottle to each guest as they arrive? Please note that temperatures can get quite high and may not be adequate for prolonged periods (particularly uncomfortable for the elderly or very young children).
  • Personalized fans or adapting your program into a fan shape are great ways to help your guests keep cool and a nice little souvenir to take back home.
  • Consider the time of your ceremony so that the guests are not facing directly into the sun. Not only will this keep them comfortable but it will assure that their pictures are not filled with glare.
  • Bugs be gone! The tropics can bring a whole variety of stinging insects. Consider asking the location if they can spray the area of your ceremony ahead of time or use some pretty citronella candles to keep everyone comfortable and bite-free.



Beach decoration at Riviera Maya wedding.


You and Yours

  • For a beachside ceremony, consider the ocean breeze. You want to make sure your hairstyle stays put with the Caribbean breezes. Gentlemen may want to use some product to keep the hair down.
  • Sun protection! Remember to wear adequate sun block to protect your skin. Avoid self-tanning varieties as they may stain your clothes. Instead, why not choose something with a light shimmer to give you that extra glow. Perhaps have some sunscreen available for guests to use as well.
  • The materials you choose for the dresses and suits should also take into consideration the heat and the wind. Be sure to choose materials that allow you to breath and that will not billow up in a light breeze. Placing tiny fishing weights along your veil can guarantee it will not be blowing up in the middle of the ceremony. The weights can be painted to match the color of your dress.
  • For the ladies: heels make you long and sexy, however not so when they are stuck in the sand or grass. Consider the ground you will be walking on and choose footwear accordingly. If on the beach, why not create some customized sandals or flipflops for your wedding party!



Footwear options for beach wedding in the Riviera Maya.


Back-Up Plan

  • Weather is unpredictable, even in paradise, so be sure to have a back-up plan should the rain clouds come to visit.




Hope this helps in planning your dream destination wedding and making sure everyone has a marvelous time.


Pierre Violle

Destination Wedding Photographer


Blog: http://www.pierre-wedding.com/blog2

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Guest shelleyanderic


Thank you for these useful and great tips and ideas! This will certainly help us in gaining more insight for our wedding in Mexico!


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