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About Mexico As A Wedding Destination

Le Reve Hotel & Spa



White sandy beaches combined with turquoise water, friendly people, amazing sunsets and a vast array of ceremony locations make weddings in Mexico spectacular and above all, memorable.


Playa del Carmen is a lovely destination to get married. It has charm, entertainment, and romantic beaches to which a couple can escape.

Get married in Playa del Carmen and start a romance of a lifetime.


General Overview

Situated just south of the border of the United States, Mexico is easy to get to and has become a great destination wedding and honeymoon spot.

Generally, the best time of year to go to Mexico is from October to May, but two periods to avoid are the week leading up to Easter and the Christmas and New Year's holidays, as they are extremely busy times in Mexico.

The climate can range from hot and humid to warm and dry, and there is sure to be a spot in Mexico to suit your wedding needs.

A visa is not required to enter and stay (up to 72 hours) in Mexico if you are a US citizen, but if you are planning a lengthy stay you will need to obtain a government tourist card for a fee of $20 (usually included in ticket prices if you fly to Mexico).

Destination weddings in Mexico cater to all budgets and are diverse with beautiful resorts, stunning beaches and traditional Mexican fiestas. Undoubtedly the most popular destination for a Mexico wedding is Riviera Maya which draws couples to its shores.


Legal Requirements to get married in Mexico

You must present your tourist card when you apply for your marriage license, and you must be married in a civil ceremony at a Civil Register Office (or other location, but there will be an additional fee).

If you want, you may have a religious or other ceremony later on, but the only legal wedding ceremony is the civil one.

In some cases, you'll need Spanish translations of your birth certificates.

Mexico also requires blood tests for HIV and RPR (syphilis) and chest x-rays to be completed in the country – in all, the process from applying for your marriage license to getting married will take about three business days.

The cost for a wedding in Mexico is about $200 US dollars.


Mexico Weddings

Most Mexican weddings have two ceremonies: the civil and the religious.

The site of your wedding is up to you as well; you can either have a small beach ceremony or a festive authentic Mexican fiesta for many guests.

Mexico wedding packages are available for all price ranges and wedding styles.


Mexico Reception

There are many different forms of receptions you can have following your wedding.

Whether you'd just like a quiet candlelight dinner on the beach with your new spouse or a large reception with all your friends and family, the hotels in Mexico can accommodate any sort of reception plan.

If you choose to have a traditional Mexican reception, you should think of hiring mariachis (Mexican musicians) or have your reception at one of the wedding rooms that many hotels in Mexican cities provide for this purpose.


Mexico Wedding Activities

There are lots of things to see and do in Mexico. Off the shores of Mexico's many beaches (such as Playa del Carmen) you can go snorkeling, diving, boating and enjoy many other water activities. Yucatan offers historic monuments built by the Aztecs and other Mexican wonders. There are as many different sites and activities available as there are distinct areas of Mexico.


Mexico Wedding Guests

If you're planning on having guests at your Mexico destination wedding, please make sure that you send out “Save the Date” cards about four to six months before the wedding so that your guests can have plenty of time to make arrangements to get to your wedding spot.

Plan a few events for your group, such as an archeology tour or other side trips.


One of the best things about Riviera Maya is the fact that you can get everything you dream, and it goes from the simplest things, up to the most elaborated...


We are certain that whatever your decisions, your wedding is going to be full of magic.




From Le Rêve Hotel & Spa, we would like to wish you a happy wedding planning!

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It seems like the place to be - I have been to Cuba a few times and my fiance and I have been to Dominican - we really wanted to see what Mexico had to offer and so far are very pleasantly surprised.

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