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What is a Mayan Ceremony?

Yazmin De La Mora

The Mayan Ceremony is an ancient ceremony based on the Mayan culture and performed by a Shaman (Mayan Priest).

Shamans normally becomes shamans by legacy, inheritance, because their parents and grandparents so it is very important to have it in mind. 

Prior to the ceremony, the area is cleansed at the four cardinal points by the Shaman with the sacred smoke from the Copal tree and the blowing of the ritual conch shell horn.

An altar is created to represent these four cardinal points. Flowers mark these four points and on the altar there is traditional offerings to the Gods - corn, beans, rice, fruit , flowers, water and fire– to represent the gifts of prosperity, fertility and the 4 elements. Candles or torches are located on the altar on the four cardinal points -- north, south, east and west – to symbolize the presence of the four Mayan cosmos gods.




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