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Lovebird Wedding Theme


The Lovebird Wedding Theme


Are you wondering what ‘theme’ to base your wedding on? Wedding themes are not a necessity but can definitely add some fun details to your special day! One option for a theme is that of the Lovebird. The definition of a lovebird is as follows: Small parrot noted for forming close bonds with their mates for the whole of their lives. Why not add a little bit of lovebird décor to your Big Day? Below are some tips on how to do so.




Invitations and Programs: Start including this theme from the very beginning of your wedding planning process. If you choose to send Save the Dates, add an image of a bird to the template. This image can be used throughout the rest of your wedding stationery from the invites to the programs, even the escort cards. Use the definition of what a lovebird is, seen above, and add this to the programs you hand out to your guests or include it on a sign displayed at your reception.





Centerpieces: To incorporate this theme into your centerpieces, find antique birdcages that can be filled with beautiful flowers. Another option is to add sticks or even feathers to your centerpieces. This does not need to be over the top but is a way to add some fun details to your decorations.




Favors: If you have decided to give favors to your guests, you could provide them with egg shaped chocolate candies. Another option is to give out ornaments in the shape of a bird. There are a lot of possibilities out there, you just have to be creative!




Interested in having live birds at your wedding? Many brides and grooms will let out doves during the ceremony or you can choose to have a few displayed in a beautiful cage, possibly by your programs or during the cocktail hour.


As with everything about your wedding, the most important thing is that it reflects you and your future husband! Remember to have fun with it!!




467x467px-LL-173b62c0_BirdandProgram.jpeg 467x467px-LL-73e3ce0e_BirdBath.jpeg 467x467px-LL-7e799a31_Centerpiece.jpeg

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