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Lighting!! Very important part of your decor!

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Decor and Flowers is a large investment in your wedding...as part of your design you always should consider the lighting.. that will give the last great touch to your decor.

If you are getting those beautiful flowers as centerpiece , you may consider direct lights to each table in addition to the lights that your entertainment will have.See below how different the flowers look without lighting!

This is without lights
Posted Image

This is with Lights!! How different right?

Posted Image

The modern weddings are not longer using static lights , now the lighting should projected to the walls or columns , also and specific lights in the dance floor. Always keeping inn mind the style of the wedding, for example if this is a romantic-rustic we should use a medium level of regular yellow light helped with a lot of candles all around , but if you are looking for modern-lounge wedding bright colors in the columns ...leds and robotics lighting should be used!! Remember a good decor NEED a good lighting design. Thank you and Happy planning.



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