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Destination Wedding Flowers


Choosing the Perfect flowers 707683

Flowers are an integral part of the wedding foundation. Flowers are used all over a wedding, in bouquets, boutonnieres, center pieces, head pieces, favors, petals on the aisle, the list goes on and on! They accent the color theme and location. They also help set the mood.


How to Choose a Florist

First and foremost, you need to have a florist who is knowledgeable in the climate you will be celebrating your big event. Therefore, choosing a local florist for a destination wedding is incredibly essential, yet also can be very challenging.

The biggest challenge many destination brides encounter is the problem of not ‘seeing’ the florist’s work first hand before the wedding and they must rely on the florist’s website or on the taste and opinion of the wedding planner that is provided by the resort.




Here are some things you can do to lessen the anxiety commonly associated with finding the perfect florist and flowers for a destination wedding.


First you look for recommendations of local florists. A good way to begin is by doing a search of florists in the destination. (Ex. Florists in Jamaica, Florists in Puerto Rico, etc.) You can also ask other brides you may know who have had a destination wedding, or your hotel wedding planner for their recommendations. We have some Florist Reviews on BestDestinationWedding.com as well.


Additionally, try contacting a few other resorts in the area for their recommendations. Since many hotels make deals with a florist, you will want to know that the one being recommended to you is also recommended by others. Often, these arrangements are made to make the process of planning easier for the bride and the wedding planner, but if you simply go with what is offered, you may be disappointed, always do your research.



707690You will also want to do some research on community forums regarding destinations weddings, like the ones here on bestdestinationweddings.com, where you will find reviews and comments by other destination wedding brides and their florist experiences.


You can now begin to narrow down the list by visiting the florists’ websites. Look for what they offer for destination weddings. A few questions to think of while reviewing their websites are: Do they have wedding package specials? Do they recommend a specific arrangement or types of flowers for the climate? Can you contact them directly with any questions?

Choose Flowers that Compliment your Wedding 707695

Once you have decided on a florist, you can begin working with them to decide which flowers will compliment your ceremony and location best. Many flowers, however, are sensitive to weather and climate. To ensure that your flowers do not wilt and die before you say ‘I do’ there are a few things to keep in mind.


There is a multitude of information available regarding the best types of flowers for any climate and location. What you need to consider when doing your research is that there are three major climate zones in the world. The zones are; tropical, temperate, and polar. In each climate there are species of native flowers. The largest selections are found in the temperate and tropical regions. Very few species of flower are native to a colder polar climate; however, in a colder climate many species of flowers can have an extended life.


707697If you prefer to be in a tropical climate there are many native choices with a wide range of color options to fit into your wedding theme. Orchids are a very sensual flower and are best suited for a hot and humid tropical climate and they come in many colors.


A bride should have no trouble with selection for any of these climates. Knowing what flowers thrive or fail in the climate of your wedding destination will greatly assist you and your florist in choosing the best arrangements for your wedding

No matter what the climate for your wedding, with the right information and florist you will find the perfect arrangement to compliment your style.

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